Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Recap 10/10

My week recap will run from Mon - Sun. It should be short and sweet, since I only try to go grocery shopping once a week/every two weeks... and I really dislike shopping. For food or otherwise.
  • Monday: 
    $50 gas for dad
  • Wednesday:
    $178 tires (dad bought them for the other car)
  • $10 overdraft protection fee for paying mother's credit card
  • Thursday:
  • $5.30 dinner
  • Friday:
  • $6.70 dinner
    $75 car tow (R.I.P. Chevy)
    $2 donations for Breast Cancer Awareness
    $12.65 mailing something for dad
  • Sunday:
  • $50.50 gas
Total: $377.50 out of a budget of... well. Umm. $130 savings, $100 'send-home' scheduled transfers and... my $150 food/misc/gas money. Thankfully this Friday is payday, but down by one car, I don't see myself starting snowballs until... later. Oh well. Gotta keep moving on and go with the punches.


  1. Your situation seems really difficult but I am really impressed by your ability to control it and be accepting of it. I have no doubt you will succeed in the future. I have to spend some time backtracking in your blog to get a better understanding. You seem to have a unique situation.

  2. Not sure it's unique. But I've come to understand that I have little choices, and I either move along or pout and stay behind. As I've mentioned, I REALLY want to reach financial freedom and move out of state, so that is a huge motivator. Sorry in advance that you have to read all my ramblings!