Friday, October 7, 2011

And so the weekend begins!

Don't you just hate it when you're always wrong about wishing/hoping for good things? Well, don't you hate it even more when you're RIGHT when predicting BAD things? I sure do.

This morning I was writing a post to close the week. Complaining about a $10 overdraft fee, and wondering what else the world had in store for me. And lookie there. The world wasted no time in letting me know.

My car, which had been a mess for a while, finally broke down. Yes, this was the car that I was hoping would make it to 2014. No, this isn't my dad's car which I pay for. No, I really can't replace it right now. My EF is beyond depleted, and I really don't have any savings or anything. Sucks indeed. I called the towing company and it was $75 to tow it. Hey, not complaining! If you wanna talk about silver linings, my dad's tow for 2 or so weeks ago came to $225. Plus a $70 ticket and another ticket that needs to be settled in court. So I'm actually... content.

I only hope this is the only immediate surprise for the weekend. Because replacing this car is going to be quite a long-term challenge. Unless I borrow one of the cars at my parent's house. Without mine, there are a total of 3 cars. My dad's, and two older ones. Or maybe I can get away with borrowing one some weeks, but not others... I'll make it work.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, better weekend!


  1. Ugh that sounds horrible. I hate cars!

  2. When the Princess's car broke down halfway between Birmingham and Mobile, the cost to tow it home was $455 (2 hour tow), I got lucky that since the problem fell under some warranteed (warrented?) work I'd had done, the shop reimbursed me for the tow. Good luck with the car! That truly sucks.

  3. You have the right attitude to handling this problem. You will get by and I do hope that nothing worst happens. Take some time and consider all your options. The right one will come to you.

  4. @ Michelle: It sucked, but I actually like cars, haha. Their maintenance, however, is a whole other business.

    @ Sass: Ouch! I can understand that for a 2hr tow, but my dad got duped by this random person which the police called. I am sure they were in league and split the money...

    @ Rafiki: I am hoping that the right one does come... seems like they get detoured and never make it to me.