Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T's Financial SWOT Analysis

Following up with Making Sense of Cent's Michele, I want to do a SWOT analysis of my situation.

- Stable job (or two!) that I actually enjoy
- VERY low maintenance/frugal (I rarely ask/get stuff for myself outside of groceries/toiletries)
- Single, no dependents (buying food for one is really cheap)
- Got a small raise at the end of Sept, equal to about $35 per paycheck

- No partner to divide expenses/bills with
- Dumb-sighted and willing to help parents who will not yield to reason
- No upward mobility at full time job, so raises are relatively small and far between

- Get smarter about grocery bill. Use coupons to save more!
- Work more hours at second job for extra income?
- I'd love to do free lancing anything, but I have no idea of how to go about that
- Another part time job closer to full time job
- Getting field certification to expand income potential when I leave current employer (would be awesome if employer would pay for the certification too, since it's in the field anyway!)

- Parents and their bad budgeting, needing to continuously input money into their household
- Losing job (not a real threat, but it could happen)
- Another car break down!


  1. I'm very similar to you! I neeeeed a part-time job.

  2. It's nice to see that you have a good head on your shoulders. I was a total mess at your age.

  3. I've just stumbled upon your blog. I have to say that I think your to nice to your family. It is not your responsibility to sponsor their irresponsibility with money. If I was in your shoes with your mom's situtation I would have called the police and filed a police report and had her arrested. I love my mom and dad and still wouldn't hesitate. You don't make enough money to support them. Just my 2 cents.