Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Budget updates

Budget additions: $180 for tires for my dad's car. That leaves me with $20. THAT is my food and gas budget until the Friday after this one coming. Also, I sort-of forgot of the $25 paid to mother's CC, and that hit my bank, putting it at -$5. I made a transfer from savings, but was already charged an overdraft fee. The amount is still pending, so I will fight this fee, and hopefully get it removed. That's all the whining you will see on this post.

I feel bad because a lot of the posts/other blogs I see carry... you know, useful insight and brain-picking discussions. I appear to just be one big whiny boy. So although I have nothing really important to report, no mystery solved, no new ideas gained... I guess I do bring along a very important topic.

Budgeting with FAMILY.

Perhaps those of you that still have to support someone else might find it slightly burdensome at times. (I don’t mean young children or spouses). But what about that teenager that keeps snapping at you, and using your car and never refilling the gas? What about your wife's third cousin's fiancĂ©e that is staying with you for ‘only’ two months that’s going on half a year? Or your parents? My point is... what when you have to support someone that should be able to sustain themselves financially? And furthermore... what if they are rude, unthankful and just obnoxious?


  1. Wow, Tanner. I hear you. But hang in there. It does get better!

  2. I suspect it does. It's taking its dandy time to get there, though. 3-4 years cant go fast enough.

  3. Tanner are you supporting your parents?

  4. Sort of. No easy answer. Before, my whole paycheck was going solely to the household, yes. I didn't even have room for savings, because their 'budget' was so overwhelming. Now that I've moved out, I am spending too much on them, with added expenses of my own.