Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello October! Goal Updates

Well, this weekend was slightly less lousy than expected. I really need to stop being such a pessimist. All in all, I was supposed to be on my way to rebuilding my EF, but I don't even think I will have enough for grocery money by the time I am done paying all that needs to be paid... in my parent's house.

As far as my counters... I did pay the car last month, which brings the total to 17 more payments to go. I'm honestly kind of excited about that. However, my CC1 has not moved an inch forward--in fact, it may be moving backward. Again. An extra $120 and $200 will be coming out of it. So with any luck, it will stay at $3,800. Everything else moved as planned.

So total expenditures for this weekend...
-$90 grocery shopping for the house (I swear I didn't even buy that much. Paper towels, litter sand, bread, cheese, ham, meats, water and drinks. And ice cream. That one is on me)
-$30 carryout meal for the family (because I was already ticked off and didnt feel like cooking something mediocre)
-$120 for home phone bill
-$200 dad's cellphone
-$25 mother's store card that was within a day of being late (and paying the penalty fee)
-$50 for gas for my dad, because I'm an idiot. But his tank was empty.

Grand total: $515. I also left the debit card with my dad because he needs to buy more tires for the one car that got towed, so if he cant cover the cost with his card (which has about $70 left), he'll have to use mine. But before the mystery amount for the tires, I only have $35 left for the next 2 weeks. Ouch. I guess I'll be having some seriously boring menu coming up. Or lots of soup, which is fine with me, because it's 56 degrees F at close to 3:00pm. $30 worth of soups? That's 20 cans. Bring it on, world.

Goals for October:
-Find the $400 missing to complete bare-bone household budget
-Not spend more money (duh, not like I can!)
-Plan outing/visit to half brother
-Figure out cost of fixing all broken cars and/or at least fix my own car
-Keep $200 in EF...

(Oh, and I really don't want to mention this as for some reason, I think ignoring it is a lot better and might 'hide' this from myself, but I did get paid from my other job, close to $200. It gets deposited directly to my savings account, so it is sitting at $190. But again, I am hiding that from myself, lest I use it to pay more stuff on the house as I attempt to regain some degree of control. Too many things are overdue and I can't handle them all...)

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  1. I have a countdown for when my car payments are done also. I can't wait!