Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another paycheck

It so happens my dad and I get paid on alternating weeks. This Friday is my week, and all of it is already pre-sorted: $330 on my own debt, $410 for the car, and what's left will be to remake the EF or try to bandage last week's/last month's leaks with all the visits from Murphy... oh yes, and grocery shopping. I don't ever want to go another 2 weeks without grocery shopping. It has sucked.

The fact that my paycheck is already sorted out and out the door as soon as it hits (it will be distributed tomorrow at 5:30am to be exact) isn't a bad thing. That's how I had it fixed... however.

His check next week will be one funny looking balancing act. Most of the bills are past due or will be past due. And I don't mean just overdue as in they were due the week prior... the payments we will be making on most of the things were payments from last month. That's 2 months due by the time I can start paying them. So yes, it will take me quite a bit of work to get caught up to zero out. My goal is to be slightly ahead, or at least fully caught up by December... it is a reasonable goal, I think. IF MURPHY STOPS COMING FOR TEA AND COOKIES. *cough*

But I am extremely hopeful. Knowing what's going on makes me feel very peaceful, even despite the situation. I know I'll be dealing with re-balancing two months worth of bills within the next 3 months, but at least I have a general idea of what to expect. And I can plan around it. I can plan for it. And quite honestly, I will get it done. I haven't given the first step yet (first step will be with my dad's first check), but once that's done, I'll have the ball rolling and there's only one way to go after that.


  1. What about your father giving you his paycheck and then you pay the bills instead of your mom not paying them. Would that work or are they not open to that


  2. Well, that is the plan. At least until my mother returns from out of state/country. She hates feeling like she's losing control to me (which is exactly what it is), and that's why it hasnt worked for a while. But while she's away, I'll be taking over his paycheck and paying everything. I'll see how/what I do when my mother comes back...

  3. I've been trying to go grocery shopping once every two weeks and it's really hard. I ended up going grocery shopping today and I went last week, so I've already failed.

  4. I completely fail at trying to shop only every two weeks --- so that doesn't/didn't work for me. Good luck with getting back on track. Hopefully when you've got it all on track you show them the progress and your mother won't have a logical choice except to stick to the plan!

  5. I can understand how it feels to have your paycheck already sorted out but the most important thing is have the needs covered first. I hope you can get ahead by December as planned. Judy's suggestion is pretty good as well so I hope it can work out for the long haul.