Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post-weekend counts and Murphy

Well, the weekend actually did not go as poorly as I expected. I went into downtown DC to help my half brother move his stuff to an apartment, and of course, had to take him out for a meal and what not. He's not a blood sibling, but a brother from another mother, thankfully so. Charges for this past week were:

- $25 in snacks I didn't need/use for the trip
- $3 ice cream at the zoo
- $30 gas for car after trip
- $2.50 toll
- $3 for misc. food purchase for home
- $30 lunch before the zoo (I paid for lunch, he paid for dinner)
- $5 for metro tickets

So that's $90.50 out of my $150 budget, meaning I have $60 left... that's not bad at all. Except that I should go grocery shopping next week.

EF remains at $60 (have to move $25+ leftovers at the end of next week), and then I will do my best to properly allocate the extra paycheck into EF...

Anyway, I wanted to talk about something. Or someone, depending how you want to put it. His name is Murphy. I've seen him a lot in the blogosphere, and I keep wondering, who the heck is Murphy? I thought/knew it had something to do with the whole Murphy's law, but I needed someone to explain it. So I researched it, and that's exactly what it is. "Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong." So Murphy usually comes in, chats and sits with you for some time. Aaaand he messes stuff up.

You know, it's nice to put a face on misery. And a name. A name totally helps. So now I know that the car breaking down before the vacation (AND not being able to fix it before the vacation) was all Murphy's work. And the time I had to pay for the insurance twice because my brother didn't pay it. And the time I had to pay the car twice because it wasn't getting paid. These events also happened just around my vacation time, but thankfully, I had some leeway and pulled through, even if it meant my EF went to $20 from $1200. And the trip wasn't even to blame. Peachy, eh?

So yeah. Murphy comes too often. He likes to wreak havoc. The reason I wanted my EF to be 1.5k vs 1k is for the Murphy fund, because I just can't get rid of Murphy, and Murphy isn't always bad... sometimes he's just bringing bread or food to my parent's house. Or buying me ice cream. Things I shouldn't do, but aren't bad. Then again, they can be like, $500 worth in car repairs. Or an extra $500-600 I am paying because someone else didn't...

So here's to another gorgeous week! I haven't spent anything yet, but you can count on me buying food next week, mainly because I'll be out of food. And cheese. I'm starting to stabilize a bit more, which is good. Murphy, go play in traffic!

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