Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to September!

I wanted to point out something that I thought would be a good idea... paying into the CC1 what I was going to be using from Debit. That would've, in theory, made it a lot easier to put in snowflakes, right? I mean, if I was putting at least $150 (budget) in the card, and only using $120, the snowflakes would've automatically gone to the card ($30). For some reason, I didn't quite see that working. I will continue to try it, mainly because I have a goal... I am at 18k stupid points (about $1 for 1pt) from my card. If I get to 25k, I can get $250, which is a 1k to $1. If I were to trade it at 18k, it would be more like 1k to $.60. And I really don't want to do that... it's a loss of 40%! I know that spending $25,000 on a card for $250 back makes much less than sense, but spending $15,000 to get $90 sounds even worse. Worry not, I will probably close the card when the time comes, or keep it for credit scores, never carrying a balance ever again.

I think I must feel somewhat lucky of the debt that I have. Not because I have it, but because it is relatively low compared to other people's I've seen... I can do this! I just need to control things that are outside of my control. Easy, no?

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