Monday, September 12, 2011

And another few visits

Got some more visits from our old friend Murphy. How quickly did we become acquaintances! The first visit was a $200 payment for father's telephone which had been cut off. He gave me $100, so the other $100 will be drawn from next week's send-home fund... or is it the two weeks from next one?

Second was $200 to help with rent. Very last minute, and it is playing within $7 of over-drafting my account. Wonderful, eh? Luckily (luckily?!) I paid for the phone from my credit card and made a check from my checking account for the rent. I SHOULD get the $200 back, but trust me, I wouldn't hold my breath to it. I am yet to get money back from my parents.

Oh, yeah. And this morning while driving my car, new problems surfaced. It wasnt quite enough that Saturday night it stalled itself to stopping after I got out of work (luckily, it was after work so it was about 2am and there was nobody around), but it didnt accelerate this morning, and now it's making heck of a lot of noise every time I try to accelerate it. Which in short means... I'll probably have to replace it. ASAP. Replace the car, that is, and I totally do not want to do that. I can't afford to. But I might have to.

The only good thing about this weekend was that I worked 10.75 hours. Woot! So that's about $100 back. I am also working next week, albeit less hours (like 6) because I have a birthday party to attend to. Bleh, I swear... don't want to go to it, but sort of have to. Not by choice, trust me. A first nephew's first birthday is not something you can miss without serious repercussions.

All in all!
- $196 Murphy charge to phone
- $200 Murphy charge to parent's rent
- $20 (anticipated... I need to go grocery shopping)

I think I need to start saving for a new car...

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