Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hope for A...

Cure. Well, that's the motto for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at work. But I hope for a lot of things...

I hope...
- that I can get sufficient funds to move
- that my friends' life becomes easier, hence making mine easier
- that I can find... actually, I dont know.

But yeah. Bought about $12 yesterday, in TP and hot pink cardboard. Gotta love the face of the cashiers. What, can't a guy buy hot pink cardboard around here? Didnt help I was wearing a pink shirt.

I bought some pink and white cardboard, but I may have to exchange the white for pink if I'm allowed to, otherwise, I'll just buy more pink. It was only like $.89 to $.99 ea. Did nothing with the bills, surprise surprise. Unless I can finish cutting up all the letters tonight, I might not get to the bills tonight either.

Ideally, I need to figure out specifically how many debtors there are for the household budget. In case I failed to explain this, during the weekend, I picked up a black trashbag and filled it up with all the bill/bill look-like paperwork. It filled up a big black trash bag. Yes. My mother is a packrat. But I set on a mission not only to sort these things out, but to get rid of this mess.

My best guess is that there’s about 5~7 utilities, and over 10 consumer debt. I had a notebook with all that written down… somewhere. I don’t think I have said notebook anymore. However, I should develop a rather generic budget schedule. With goals. Saving goals. Not just pay pay pay… because that becomes mighty boring. Though I guess, the first order of business is to create an EF of $1,000… ha! I cannot see that as being anywhere near possible. I’ll definitely have to get a savings account for my dad or something. Which is impossible to keep hidden OR to keep him from using it for less than emergency-level situations, unless I get one and link it to him… somehow. Like Paypal, maybe? My problem with keeping money in Paypal is that… well, there’s no benefits. Not that my interest is a lot of benefit, but I have fast access to the money from my bank account vs waiting a few days for Paypal to release/move funds. I really don’t want to be responsible for another EF. Heck, I can barely take care of mine. But we’ll see. I don’t want to talk about that right now.

I am also looking at reducing one of our bills, namely, my father’s cell phone bill (in MY name!!). Meh, I say. Meh it all.

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  1. Wow until you said guy in this post I thought you were a girl.