Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Building a new budget

Not for me, of course. But it makes my blood boil just to think about some things concerning that house. I thought I'd enjoy some degree of financial freedom after I moved out (freedom not in the sense of being able to spend how I wanted when I wanted or doing what I wanted, but of being able to SAVE and NOT have to throw all of my money into a dark abyss). But I was wrong. It has been 10 months since I left, and looking back... EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH! I have had to pay something EXTRA to that house.

And that is extra on top of the extra $100 I pay to cover for my phone and car insurance portion, and on top of the $400 I pay/paid for car insurance/car loan payments. And the random $25-50 extra on food I spend down there. I don't mean food for myself; when I go down there, I have to buy food for the household, and that isnt cheap... This 'extra extra' is not small by any means. I didnt track it from day one, because I thought I could get away with NOT tracking it as it would be small disturbances here and there. But they werent. We're talking of:

Nov: Left (initial moving expenses for food and extra stuff, but I consider that on me)
Jan: Didn't start recording expenses until Jan, $100 for electric bill
Feb: Can't remember/not recorded, so $0
Mar: $300 'loan' that was never paid back. Not sure what it was used for.
Apr: $120 cable/internet
May: $200 for electric bill
Jun: $80 dad's cell
Jul: $160 extra for late fees, reinstatement of car insurance due to brother not paying for it
Aug: $195 dad's cellphone, $70 tires for another car
Sept: $225 house phone, $416 collection amount for cancelled insurance, $25 to complete tow fee
Coming in Oct: $300-$400 in catch up work.

Wow. I really have NO idea where I come up with all this money to pay all these extra things... Actually, I sort of do. If I didnt have to pay all of these extra charges, I'd have pretty darn close to $1900 that could've been half of my CC1 bill... wow. This is serious. The more I look into it, the worst it looks.

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