Monday, September 26, 2011

You can stop now, world!

Oh wow.

Ok, so I decide to get home. My car stops in the middle of a very busy interception and I have to come to a complete stop, turn it off and turn it back on. I am sure I gave the lady behind me the scare of her life, but she didnt bump into me. Good thing, eh? Just keep reading.

So, I am driving along, and end up at the grocery store midway between house-work and parent's house, because little goody ol' me wants to buy dad some bread and maybe some chicken to cook tonight. I mean, I hadn't spent anything on me besides the grocery money, and I bought no junk. So I am there, and I call my dad and ask him some question. I forget what it was, something about what else to buy, but I honestly forgot, mainly because he told me that he got pulled over (the car was unregistered, untagged) and he got a ticket for it. Oh. And the car was getting towed. Good grief! So I am in town and go pick him up. We pay the $225 tow, look at the $70 ticket, and head on down. With my extremely loud muffler problem. So we get home, pay the tow, sit down and try to cook. It's rainy and rather crummy, my brother picks up his baby and leaves us with his super hyper dog. Lovely.

To finish off this little car towing ordeal... it's not just the $225 tow + $70 ticket, but $85 inspection that should've happened a while ago, plus $100-150 tag. Either the tag, or a provisional tag, which is looking like the better option. So all in all, Friday's count is up by $500.

Another note on that car that got towed is that it didnt have insurance... so my dad asks me to add it to the insurance. Lo and behold... we dont have coverage! Why not? Because that $%!@#^$!@+ younger brother of mine didnt pay it. I leave him to pay for it for two months, and he not only doesn't pay it, but leaves it to cancel out. Oh yes. I am ticked. He shows no remorse WHATSOEVER. It barely bothers him that all other 5 of us had been driving different distances, for a full month, without insurance. That piece of $@!#$^. So the tow, the ticket, and the future court case for that ticket all are his fault, partially.

But ok. I actually snapped at my dad and called it a night... at 8pm. Without dinner we had tried to cook up. Then I woke up several times during the night for falling asleep too early, but that was ok too.

Saturday, I had to work at 3. I was mentally drained and so very tired. I confirmed what I already knew; we had no car insurance. And I had to pay $416 on collection on charges from the other insurance on Friday, so... bye bye savings! I did the payment before I did the transfer, and was almost charged overdraft fees. Luckily, I called and got a very nice girl, and she fixed it up for me. Savings account: $0. Checking: $80 left. I still had to put gas in.

But you know, I woke up at about 5am. Threw an internal fit, cleaned up a counter with a bit of rage, then set up on a journey to do... nothing but whine to my half brother. To clear the record, we're not related. He's my brother from another mother, and thankfully so. So he helped me really cooldown and we ended up just talking about nothing important. He made me laugh. It was nice. By that time, it was already noon. I don't think I did anything important, or anything I remember, anyway. I did look at different car insurance quotes, of course.

Then came work. And work is timeless bliss. I even caught myself at some point thinking about how there was no time. I wasnt sure if this was after or even before this whole ordeal with the car. I was in a separate place in time where quite honestly, it didnt matter. I was working (and getting quite a beating out of it), but it had nothing to do with any of my problems.

Anyway, work came to pass, and I headed home a bit after midnight. Soberingly tired. Went to sleep not much after. Then woke up Sunday closer to noon. What? I told you I was tired. I don't think we did anything significant on Sunday. I looked at more insurance quotes, then... I can't remember. We did nothing. Nothing worthwhile. Not even food. Oh wait, we did make food. Some fried rice with spam. It was ok.

Then at about 10pm at night, I decide I really dont want to be going up and down with no insurance, so I bit the bullet and signed us up for some. They allowed us to complete the quote online, I called (or had them call me) and within seconds, my questions were answered. In three different occasions. Besides, it is a 6 month commitment, and the price is right, so I don't care. Especially since we'll have to be paying it by ourselves, but worry not. That $!%@^# will be paying heck or getting the heck out.

But yes, that was my weekend. Um, happy Monday?

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