Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week thus far

Add some funds... $32 in gas for dad because he lost his wallet (it was in his other car), $25 in groceries yesterday. Got free lunch today (which could've been $8), so that was awesome. Future expenses...

Well, $20 or so for car stuff, and not sure what else I'd be missing. $25 I gave for some fundraising stuff at work for one of the coworker's kid's sports team. So out of my $150 budget, I've used roughly $100, I think. The rest will go to gas... Ugh. Oh, and about $26 in gifts for a friend (well, 'gifts' were stuff he needed and allowed me to buy. And I was more than happy to oblige). So I'm about $25 left for gas? What the heck. Heh. Yeah right. I need to put gas either today or on my way in on Sunday, and that will be $50.

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