Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marines Graduation Trip

I'm back! All these late night escapades have me very beat. It started after work on Thu, driving down to an airport I've never been to (definitely NOT as bad as everyone says), and the airport was actually quite lovely. My flight wasnt until 10pm, but got pushed to 11:20pm. I didnt touch ground again until 1am, and processed my first rental... I had reserved a small, economic car. They gave me this huge Hyundai Santa Fe:
(Stock photo)
Let me say I wasnt happy, but it was 1am, and I wasnt going to back and argue. It being my first rental, I dont even think I could argue. I just wanted a small car...

Anyway, we stayed at a Days Inn, and that wasnt half bad. It was decent enough. Not a big-star hotel by any mean, but for two days, it wasn't bad.

Then the graduation was on a very cold, but sunny day. There were so many graduates! He said around 300 per company. It was very interesting to see them all and how coordinated they were. I would say that I am impressed, but that'd be taking from the main event... I was hugely impressed at how my brother had changed. When they finally released it, you saw people jumping at each other's arms, and waves and waves of parents, friends and family rushing to greet their graduate. We found my brother, and he actually spoke to me (with a voice that was mostly gone, he said from all the yelling). We actually talked, for the first time in what seems like 6-7 years. We talked a lot. Marines stuff, we had tons of questions, but still. Who knew I could still talk to him?

One of my friends told me that perhaps the military can change the spoiled hearts of my family members... two down, 2 to go! Haha. Now, if only my mother would join... she could use some military sense.

I'll post some photos of the graduation. My brother actually stayed in my room (thank goodness I did request a double room!), so we talked a bit more, mostly about the graduation and stuff. He changed so much. He looks much taller, his eyes are not condescending, and his manner isnt anymore of a person just looking for the easiest way out and looking to you like you're an annoyance. He's very respectful and tolerant, even of my mother's nagging, which is amazing to me. He's back home for 10 days, then getting moved to another base a bit north for further training. It feels very strange, but I may actually look forward to his next break. The real feel of a family is such a foreign thing to me, but I wont back away from it. It's actually kind of nice.


  1. the military has a way of making you grow up and appreciate things. Thats why they tear you down and rebuild you. Hopefully this means you and your brother will have a much better relationship. :)

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful time. So glad you're reconnecting with your brother!

  3. I'm so glad you had a good family bonding with your brother! I'm sure it meant a lot to him that you went to his graduation.

  4. So glad this turned into a GOOD trip! And that some of your family isn't a total waste of your time and energies.
    One of my brother's and I had a very bad relationship when we were younger but now seem to have one that is better. He still can be an ass sometimes.....lolz

    Too bad your mom is too old to join the Marines. hehehehe

    Is the bro being moved to a base north of the boot camp or north of where you live?

  5. The military can make men of boys. The Marine Corps even more so. Congratulations to your brother on his achievement, I'm sure you are glad you got to see the graduation. They are pretty awesome.

    Peace <3

  6. Wonderful Tanner! I've seen that happen to a friend of mine years ago and I thought he'd NEVER change, but he did. That's what I call an education worth spending money on! I'm so glad you were able to connect :)

  7. I'm not surprised that you saw such a pronounced change. The military made my husband the man he is. I never would have married him before. The changes keep on a coming also.

  8. Is it bad I kinda want you to get a Hyundai Santa Fe now? lol.

    My brother was the opposite--he came back from his short stint in the Army very angry and dejected. I would say it was a very negative experience for him, and he's now back living with our messed up mother. I hope one of these days he gets some sense and moves out and away from her.

  9. I'm really happy you had a good trip and a nice bonding experience with your brother.

  10. I have to admit, I love free upgrades to SUVs! I feel safer in SUVs, and i really appreciated it on trips to Oregon (2012) and California (2013) when navigating coastal terrain.

  11. I love SUV's!! :) Hope it ended up being ok for you! I had to laugh about the comment about your mom.. haha! I think we all know someone who can use some "shaping up"! ;)