Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What preparedness is to a 5 & 13yo

Yes, we're in the path of another snow storm. I doubt we will get hit big time here in MD, but it doesn't stop the radio, the TV or everyone on the streets from talking about it. Needless to say, the stores are emptied out of essentials. I can't argue that it's better to be prepared than not, but I do think people take it a bit too far sometimes...

I thought I'd share the following grocery list made by my landlord's daughters of the things they did not have, but need. At least someone has all the priorities straight as far as storm survival goes:
"6 toilet paper, no more paper towels, no chocolate"
After all, who can survive cooped up inside with no chocolate?!


  1. I love it!! At least they're honest. Chocolate should be on everyone's list for a big storm.

  2. I would say that chocolate is a big priority on my list.

  3. Hey, now I know who is hoarding all the paper towels and chocolate in MD....hehehehe

  4. My office sent us home early today as we are expecting ice and snow -- and in Alabama that becomes a huge Clusterflake --- we all have our priorities... I stopped at the store for more wine! Cheers! And y'all stay safe and warm!

    1. Sass,
      I am in Alabama and put pictures on my blog. It is going to be awful if trees fall on the power lines.

      I do have chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and chocolate cake mixes, and brownie mixes.

  5. Perfect!

    Peace <3

  6. Those girls will go far in life lol! Everyone knows chocolate is an important part of an emergency kit! I'm very thankful that this storm is missing us and hope it isn't too hard on you!