Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking at the numbers

Let me improvise for a bit, since I lost my original calculation sheet. But adding up my first 5 goals, it looks like I have to come up with an estimated $5,200. It's broken down into: $1700 moving-budget, $1200 travel budget, $500+ dentist expenses, $800 Christmas, and $1000 EF increase, in order of priority. This looks pretty difficult, if not impossible, on my current guaranteed income, but I know those numbers don't tell the whole story. For example:

- The third largest chunk, the $1k EF is more of a whim than a must. I don't feel uncomfortable with my $1k EF, and having $2k would make me feel good, but won't make me feel panicked if I don't reach it.
- I do have $400 already saved for vacations, so that means I only need another $800
- The dentist total is an unknown. It could be lower than the $500 I am expecting to pay. I'll know more about this after my initial visit on Feb 18.
- I made about 4k last year on my PT job. If I can work as much and save every single penny, the whole goal would be a non issue. But that's a long-term unknown, so I never count on it
- I have not reassigned about $830 I got since Christmas from work or other sources
- There is about $200 in cashback "cash" from my credit cards. I didn't cash them out for Christmas because I wanted to research better ways to use it
- As of today, there is about $130 of misc income here and there. Not counting my PT's check for the past two weeks, which is another $180'ish.

See? It doesn't sound that scary anymore. I haven't figured out how to divvy up the money I have, but I'll take care of that soon enough. It's not like the money is going anywhere...


  1. Lawsy, I love your discipline! Good for you, Tanner!

    Peace <3

  2. Sounds like you have it all under control! The only scary one is the dentist, but I hate hate hate the dentist

  3. Some dentists give a discount if you pay cash in full. Will you have (or do you have) that expense by your appt date?

  4. I feel your dental pain, physically & financially. I'm in the process of doing some work on my toofers, racking up a $1400 dental bill :-/ It is what it is I suppose.