Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last fun of the weekend that hasn't even started!

For someone who will be spending the next 36 hours cramming a tiny little brain with harassment, discrimination and pay acts and laws, I sure seem to have a lot of other things in my agenda.

For example...

White Elephant gift for the office:

The paper couldn't have been more perfect if I had designed it myself. The main box is a shoe box, the 3 gifts are a box of Miss Swiss hot chocolate with marshmallows ($1), a coffee mug ($12) and a coffee mug warmer ($10). The wrapping paper and ribbons were courtesy of Dollar Tree, and the index cards are leftovers from my studying. I can't wait for them to open this! Or better yet, see who will be the first to brave the elements and pick this! I wish I had a bag so I could conceal the awesomeness of this wrapping paper, but I don't feel like working on this anymore.

Next up is fixing dress for dinner event Hollywood style at PT job:

Don't worry. I promise (in a non-committal way) to share a photo of the whole dress and maybe of myself. Maybe. The party is next Thursday, and all I need to complete this is a shawl, because the dress is *gasp* strapless. I'm getting bold in my old age. Maybe I'll show the whole dress if I pass my SPHR... more reasons to work my butt off. 

Off I go. Wish me luck. Trust me, I'll need every bit of it for Monday! 


  1. Good Luck!!! You know we all be cheering you on and will be proud of you no matter what the outcome!

    And I want to see pictures of you rockin' that dress

  2. Hi there! I'm a "new-ish" reader, recently added you to my blogroll.

    White elephant parties are always fun. I have one on the 21st that I still need to shop for. I need awesome wrapping paper like that!

  3. Justin Bieber Gifts! You need to tie a bottle of aspirin onto one of those packages so the whomever picks them can ward off a big case of Bieber Fever. Bwwaaahhhh!
    Now I have to go to Dollar Tree and find some of this paper to wrap my son's gifts in because well, I am evil like that. ;-)

    And crossing everything I can here for you for luck on your test. You will ROCK it!!

  4. Good job on the office party gifts! and good luck on your test - you will do great!

  5. Now I've seen everything! Well, not quite - I haven't seen YOU in a DRESS!! or anything else for that matter! You'll do well on your test - have faith in yourself! Good luck!

  6. GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll do great - you sound like you are smart & dedicated when you set goals! Justin Beiber wrapping paper???? No wonder it was at the dollar store!! ;-) PERFECT!