Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Family

We got our "Christmas family" at work, gifts due the beginning of December. I happened upon a 4 year old boy who likes Disney's Cars. Very much like my nephews! So the hunt is on, and I'm in charge of his clothes. Normally we get them a coat, PJs, 1 or 2 outfits, shoes, socks, hats, blankets... or any combination thereon. Someone else is taking care of his toys, so I can focus wholly on the apparel side. I actually bartered a bit to get him vs an older girl, because I wanted to shop for young boys' clothes. You know, being an aunt and all, I ought to be knowledgeable of nephew's clothes' sizes.

I almost wish I had known this sooner, since I just placed an order yesterday to Disney Store for the two nephews. They both get a jacket and blankets with their names on them, and they were $9 each + shipping (they have two sales going on; one for 25% off and one for free personalization til 11/11, so if you're interested, go for it!). That's $40 out of their budget. Let's not forget 6.5% cashback combined between my credit card and cashback sites!

I have no idea where's the best place to shop for kids apparel that is price-sensible. I'll do some research tonight online, mainly in Amazon and ShopRunner eligible places, for the free shipping. And hey, worst comes to worst, it may drag me out to malls and outlets so I can get some clothes for myself. (HAHA, yeah, right. No). I'm just wishing for a weekend off between now and Dec 1st.

That said, tonight/this weekend is not one of those weekends off. I'm working after work (bleh), so I'll head out now for my lunch nap. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm loving the cold weather so far.


  1. Children's Place often has free shipping but I haven't been happy with the quality I've received from there lately. If you wait until closer to Black Friday, I bet you could get some really good deals online for clothing and jackets.

  2. I'd try Kohl's online too. There are always coupon codes floating around online for discounts there or Old Navy(though personally I don't think the quality of clothing is very good there). Some places I use to buy my kid's clothing when they were little was K-Mart(because it was nearby and cheap) and Kids R Us(now out of business). I didn't have many options back in the early 90's. When Walmart came to town I bought them clothes there too. At the mall type places I only shopped there after holidays or clearance sales at like a Sears or Penney's type dept. store. When we got to a certain point financially, I use to buy stuff like Garanimals line at Penney's and Carter's or Osh Kosh at the outlet stores. Those were the crème de la crème in little kid's clothes back in the