Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekend recap and September outlook

For a long weekend, it felt awfully short. Let me recap:

On Wednesday, I developed a strange pain on my foot. It wasn't as if it was sore or broken, but hurt when stepped on. I couldn't pinpoint what the heck it was, so I didn't exercise Thu or Fri because I was afraid to make it worse before having to work on Saturday on my feet all day. It felt better by Saturday.

Bought food, which I feel stupid to say, is way more expensive when it's for 2+ than for <1 person. It came to about $70 of my $200 food/misc/gas budget. Ouch! Worked Saturday at a very high profile event, which meant all managers were nosing into every little non-issue event, driving us workers crazy. As bad as it was at 90 degrees and 90% humidity, I was somehow talked into working on Sunday with the same group for their gala event (inside this time). By that point, my foot was back to normal. But no worries: on Sunday, a huge bruise on my behind and a scrapped hand swiftly replaced it when I fell backwards into a set of cement steps while guiding guests to a different building. Talk about a bruised ego. Good news: It's an extra $110 on my upcoming paycheck! Bad news: it was freaking 11 hours of work. Not cool. But I'll take the money.

Monday was a lot calmer. Didn't get to cook the chicken and dumplings, though I have all the materials and will cook it next Sunday instead. Washed the car, bathed the dog (and got repeatedly showered by her), did laundry, some cleaning. Boring stuff. Sure as heck did not exercise. But I'll get back to that today. Tuesday was spent on a haze and I was not productive at all.

Onto other stuff... I've moved the $400 back to my Ally account for safekeeping until next year for vacation. Thanks for the advice! Now to figure out why I have $200 remaining in my account... no idea where it came from or more importantly, if it was supposed to go anywhere.

September should be a quiet month besides the car registration becoming due. So far, so good, and I'm loving the cooler temperatures. 2 weeks til Fall starts!


  1. I hate when I don't know why I have extra money. usually I let it sit for a couple weeks and then I end up reallocating it. Which is right about the time that some check goes through and I realize what that money had supposed to have been for.

    1. I find this situation a few times a year, and it's unnerving! I've been checking and double checking all of my accounts to no avail. Everything's current. I just don't know where it came from.