Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation leftover funds

I guess I can consider the leftover from my vacation funds as extra cash, since it was supposed to be spent, but wasn't. The total amount left in the pot is $400 (give or take $5). If I am to stuck to what I had said to do with extra cash, then it would fall into the car fund filter, slush fund filters and IRA filters. How I distribute it doesn't really matter a whole lot, but I was thinking $100 to car fund, $200 slush fund and $100 IRA. That's option 1.

Option 2: Free for all! Just use it/spend it in whatever I want. HAHA. Yeah, no. But had to put it out there for comedic relief...

Option 3: My vacation fund is mostly made out of bonus money or extra paycheck money (from 3-paycheck months, twice a year). Starting next year, I will not use the extra paychecks for vacation funding, and instead, they will go solely to debt or savings. Option 3 is to keep the $400 to save for next year's vacation.

Notice how Snowballs doesn't make it into any of my filters? It's intentional. The reason for this is because snowballs are built into the budget, and I think they're big enough (they're the highest item in my budget, beating rent by $150!). I could make option 4 go for snowballs, but I don't feel it's necessary.

I'm leaning towards #3 because next vacation will be a recon mission... that'll be when I go to IL and scout places to live, maybe visit a few choice neighborhoods and check out the apartment complexes. I'll need to stay somewhere and rent a car plus flight. As of this year, the total cost was close to $700 just to get there and stay. No food, hanging out or anything. Yeah, not fun. And considering I didnt go to Chicago this year, I sure want to do something fun next time I am around.

But yeah. 1, 2, or 3? Half half? Pretend I never said anything and go for option 2?


  1. Before I even got to the options, in my head I said "save it for the next vacation." You basically have half of what you need for your IL trip travels. Not sure how long you will be there on re-con, but let's just say you need $1000 total (for easy math). You are already 40% there!!!

  2. I'm with Mysti. I would save it for your vacation next year.

  3. I agree with Mysti and ND Chic --- saving it for next year's vacation is the way to go. Plus if you have a real emergency it is there for you. So that's a win win.

  4. Reward yourself with something small and inexpensive for being frugal and then put that money toward next vaca and have a ball! win win!

  5. Once its dubbed for vacation, it stays in vacation. Keep it for your vacay next year.

  6. Spending extra funds? That’s really quite a problem. But in my opinion, as long as it's for something worthy, by all means, spend it. But of course, still save some for emergencies. You worked hard for it, anyways. And you only deserve to have a little treat for yourself once in a while. If you’re going to pursue your IL vacation with a strict budget, it’s better to take great discount deals from airfare tickets to car rentals and hotel online. > Michaele @