Thursday, September 12, 2013


After returning from my last vacation at Sluggy's, I mentioned I got some talking to from my co-workers (who are all much older than I expect my office mate who is my age). One of the topics that turned up was hitchhiking and helping/meeting strangers. Though I've done my fair share of meeting with "face to face strangers", I've also picked up one hitchhiker before. Ok, I lied. I've picked up 2 for sure. Can't remember if there was anyone else. And nothing out of the ordinary happened.

You'd have thought I told them I went to an out-of-town bar and accepted drinks from strangers and followed them home. But I might as well have. I know my fair share of danger and I'm not completely oblivious, ignorant, or simply a fool. I love detective/police shows, and I know sometimes, people closest to you are the ones that may end up doing the most horrible things. I also know of innocent people posing to hurt or kill others. Again, I'm not stupid or careless. I guess I just haven't lost ALL faith in humanity to believe every hitchhiker is a possible murderer, sexual predator, thief or carjacker.

Anyway, all times I've given people rides, nothing has happened. And that wasn't understandably enough for my co-workers, so I was banned from ever picking up another hitchhiker. I didn't think a whole lot of it, but you can be sure my face was completely red with embarrassment after the talking to was over.

Why has this come to mind again? There was a hitchhiker today on my way to work. A young man, early to mid 30's with a t-shirt, jeans and a backpack. He wasn't too far off the closest town interception. But I kept on driving and I felt bad. Though I've never been in a situation where I'd need to hitchhike (and probably wouldn't even if it was the last choice), I've had my fair share of getting stuck in very precarious situations. I know what's it like to need help, and to receive it. I also know what it is like to need help and NOT receive it. Humbling either way.

So, what's your take on the hitchhiking topic? Ever been involved either way on it, or it's considered way too much of a dangerous practice and I'm just late to the information party?


  1. My friend and I hitchhiked once. We met a guy at a movie theater she met online and were supposed to have a ride home...but that didn't happen so we started walking. It was dark out and my friend stuck her thumb up and some old guy pulled over and offered us a ride. He ended up being really nice. Safety is a concern for me. I've never stopped to pick up a hitchhiker, but I feel bad not stopping to help.

  2. I have picked up one before but my husband was with me... it was a lady... And the whole time she talked and talked and talked....wanted us to drop her off in the part of our city that is not a good place....we did... she thanked us and wanted to give us gas money....I told her no... that we were heading this way anyways...She thanked us...

    One time we were heading to Iowa City and saw this man with a flat tire... it was very hot outside and he was a HUGE man in a little tiny car...I had my hubby and two sons with us... So I thought we could help him...So I went by and got off at the next exit and then came back around... We pulled over and my son got out of the car and asked if he needed help that there were 3 of them and just wanted to help.... He followed my son back to the car and he chewed us out for stopping... HUH?? We told him it was hot and thought he could use some help...and he cursed at us... So that was the last time I stopped.... What I do now is call the police dispatcher and report someone may need help....I don't know if this man was scared of all us or what....he was ticked we stopped....

  3. I would never pick up a hitch hiker. I'd be too scared. One time a couple at Walmart ran out of gas and asked if we could take them to get some. My husband told him we were just running in for a second and that he would go pick some up for them (not take them with us) but by the time we got out of the store they had gotten a hold of a relative so they didn't need us to.

  4. I don't think I could ever do it. I am terrified of what may happen.

  5. I would never pick up a hitchhiker - there's just too many unknowns of what could happen and just not worth the risk at all

  6. NEVER EVER! Too risky - too many nuts out there - too many taking drugs, drinking, just not in their right frame of mind.........and usually desperate. Just not worth the risk. I understand wanting to help someone - but for your own safely, you MUST just keep on driving!

  7. I see a lot of people think that everyone in the world is bad. Everyone else that you DON'T KNOW PERSONALLY is DANGEROUS!!! A nut! Why else would they be hitchhiking? It's because they want to KILL YOU!!! ARGH!!!

    There is very little hitchhiking around here. I'd pick someone up if I saw them and was headed in the right direction. I have friends who do it all the time. Oddly enough, to many of the people who lectured you and commented here, they're all still alive, with all their limbs and wallets intact. If you're a criminal, why stand on the side of the road taking a chance on an unknown victim (and quite likely the cops since hitchhiking is mostly illegal now)? Why not just rob a convenience store and hightail it outta there?

    For all of you who are so worried...on what do you base your assessment that it's too dangerous to pick up a hitchhiker? Can you show me some statistics that prove hitchhikers commit lots of crimes against people who pick them up? I suspect if you look up crime stats, you won't even see them as a blip on the radar.

    Peace <3

  8. I have never picked up a hitchhiker. I guess I have watched too many scary movies.
    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  9. I'm pretty cautious of it which is strange given I live on such a small island but things have been getting worse so I know it is dangerous.

    To be honest I do feel a bit bad when I pass people but sometimes I have people in the car with me, which isn't an excuse but if I am going to do something dangerous, I prefer not to endanger innocent people.

    If I had an open back truck though, I would do it without much thought most of the times. I think it is to dangerous to do with a car.