Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Before receiving the news about needing to move, I was trying to get myself into reading again, so I borrowed a copy of How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any by Erik Wecks. Sadly, I'm not done with it yet, so I can't do a review on it. I really like this book for some things and disagree with others, but it has me thinking. That's totally worth it in my books!

I haven't started packing yet, which shouldn't be a huge issue for me. Other than the whole dismantling of my huge L-shaped desk, I don't own a lot of stuff. I may take a day off my full time job to complete the move while everyone else is at work.

As far as my rental options... I started officially looking Sunday after being given the 30 day notice, and as of right now, my 3 options are:
1) $450(?) Bayside rundown shack 30min away with lots of amenities, nice views, biking, kayaking, walking/hiking trails and... yes, water. Lots of it. Everywhere. Have I mentioned I am hydrophobic?!
2) $425 Single father of 7yo twin girls on premises, about 15min away in a 4br 2fb. Haven't talked to them in person yet as our schedules do not match. But the place looks very nice from photos!
3) $500(?) Youngling party-goer/entertainer. He's actually 3 streets down from my work. The place is pretty empty to begin with, just stuff thrown everywhere and no real furniture. Nice looking airbeds, though. Haven't had a chance to meet him in person or seen the place either because our schedules do not match either.

All the options have pluses and minuses, and none of them really sound ideal, but I'll continue to look and keep my options open. Considering I have until the end of the month, I'd love to have something by Tuesday of next week.

Nothing new I can share about the whole moving. I am using ream-paper boxes from work and other big boxes we get from ordering supplies. I don't need packaging materials, as my clothes provide enough cushion, and I don't really have much that would break. I could also go to our local grocery store and consignment store to ask for empty boxes if I had to. I will probably borrow my dad's SUV to help me move the stuff, but I may not even need it as I don't have a lot.

Too many things up in the air. Good news is, they will have to be cleared in 2 weeks or so! (Because I have no choice!). That's definitely something to look forward to, right?


  1. Oh Tanner....please keep looking!

    A run down shack? Is it safe?

    A single father? That worries me for safety, using you to babysit, etc. Of your options....this one actually sounds like the most promising if your schedules don't match.

    Party central? And that is the most expensive one!

    1. You hit all of the issues right on the head. Is the shack safe? Well, there's an ex-aggressive dog in premises and everything is locked down. It's a bit of a deserted place in an old town center no longer in operation. The single father? I just don't think it's safe for anyone involved... I don't know I would trust a stranger with my young kids! Party central, yeah... enough said.

  2. Hmm I'm not so sure about any of these choices! When you say rundown, how bad is it?

    1. I think pretty bad but livable. The shack itself isn't in bad shape, but it's surrounded by an empty warehouse and adjacent to an empty one that the ceiling half-came down and there's a lot of rubble. That'd be my main entrance to the place, through the open empty warehouse.

  3. I think you should keep looking. Don't settle for some crappy place. Damn. Even where I am, with housing prices insane, I could find a nice, semi private room with no possible creepiness.

    It would be great if you could get your own private apartment, would it...oh well. After all your hard work, it's the least you deserve. None of those options sound good to me.

    It would be nice to find a nice quiet house with an older retired woman who just needs help with the rent/maybe companionship. I was considering an arrangement like that at one point.

  4. Keep looking my dear.. :) Praying something comes up for you!!