Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's talk roommates

For someone who has already moved on her own once, let me tell you that my thoughts are right along a first-grader leaving for school for the first time. And I'm not ashamed to say I find it very exciting and I am looking forward to the process, yet at the same time, I am slightly terrified.

I still don't know when I want to move. The landlords said they will probably put their house out for the market within the next 3 months, and if I am correct, that probably means they will be fixing up and dolling up the house to put it for sale. I don't know if I want to be around for that, or for when the showing starts and my already minimal privacy gets reduced to none.

After going to Craigslist and, I must say that there are some comical rooms for rent when you live in the middle of nowhere ("must know to cook edible things", "must not be a clean freak" [photo shows a bunch of shoes and unmated socks in a corner]), and some that are downright scary ("must be ok with spirits--they're friendly", "drugs ok, overnight guests ok").

My current rental situation is super normal, other than for "small stuff" (I'm known to be too accommodating and passive). I don't think I can afford living by myself, so I'll check out more roommate situations. It's only for another 24 or so months!

So tell us! Have you had to move with a roommate? Anything you wish you had considered before moving? How about after? If you are/were single, would you consider roommates as a way to help out your budget, especially since you're not staying in that city/state in the nearby future (1-3 years)?


  1. I lived at home when I was in college but when I served a Church mission, I had roommates, and some of them were interesting to say the least. But with some of the girls we stayed friends forever!! Good luck on finding the good ones :)

  2. Putting college aside....

    Right after college, I moved in with a "friend". However, this friend was married and had a 3 (almost 4) year old! We rented a townhouse, where I had the basement apartment, the middle level was common area, and the upper level was theirs. We each had our own space, bathroom. The laundry was in the basement, and "mostly" they tried to do laundry when I wasn't home.

    Started off ok.

    They were slobs. Like icky, gross, slobs. I kind of knew this before hand, but really thought if they kept it confined to their bedroom area it would be ok. Nope. The kitchen was always a mess (to the point of mold). The living room was just as bad. I spent more and more time in the basement.

    There were alot of personal things that happened to them the year we lived together. And it upended all of us. At the end of the year, I moved out, and moved in with my now husband.

  3. Look at it as an adventure! New people, new place. You might really like this. Other than the work, I love to move.

  4. I've never lived with roommates... Met my husband at 18, was married & out on or own, in our own place with a brand new baby at 21! Hope you find a perfect roommate!

  5. Being the introvert that I am I have never had a roommate. I absolutely know that I couldn't handle a roommate unless I was in love with him/her. I MUST have solitude and privacy and the right to walk around wearing whatever!! Good luck finding an acceptable situation, I know it isn't easy.