Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small additional income and extra expenses

This year is already making me nervous. The more I look at my goals, the more it seems I may have to forfeit one or two. But worrying has never done anyone any good, so I'll do the best I can.

I've started January as my first cash-only month. I withdrawed $100 of my $160 allowance, and have gone grocery shopping twice. I think I'll be a-ok.

Now, onto additional income:
1) Who knew you could return unused, unopened contact lenses for a credit? I didn't! I returned 3 out of 8 boxes I bought December 2011 because my prescription changed. They're giving me a credit of $58 in the next two weeks! It's going to my CC1, and I think I'll just apply it as a payment, since I wont need more contact lenses until the spring/summer.
2) Part time work! My pay there will take a big hit (increased retirement deductions, increased taxes and W4 changes from 1 to 0 withholding). However, I worked this past Saturday for about 7 hours, and I'm scheduled to be in this coming Saturday for another 7hrs. This is very unusual that I'd be working this early in the year, since normally the "slow season" extends through late March where there are no hours for part time people. I'm grateful for any hours I can get, even if it's just a few. (Estimated at about $130 total)
3) This one isn't due until the end of February, but I have a $24 rebate coming that will most likely be applied as a snowflake somewhere.

Upcoming expenses:
1) Was referred to a dermatologist by my doctor, and that's going to be $50 a visit. Not happy, but my appointment is on February, along with another follow up. No worries, I'm alright. Just have to get something checked since my doctor couldn't figure it out.
2) My laptop mouse is agonizing. I can do without the mouse, but I much prefer using one. That's not expensive at all... about $20, but I don't want to spend that now.
3) Not due anytime soon, but I really need to start thinking about fixing the car's windows. I don't want to get to 95 degree weather and have 1 working window. I know, who's thinking about 90 degree weather in January?
4) Replacing my phone is a big, big big want of mine. I will know more of the costs of this once February drops by, and if I can't afford to replace it, then I may go for something different.

One week in January down, 4 to go.


  1. I didn't know you could do that either with the contacts. I have rx that does not expire until 2014 but my rx change. I will call the dr tomorrow.

    We were at the dermatologist today with middle daughter. They were nice enough to give us samples and also gave us coupons which our pharmacy said we can use with our deductable so don't panic yet.

    What kind of phone change? Are you upgrading or changing companies. Truthfully we are really happy with NET 10 but I do have phones from before we switched so if you have att I can hook you up with something..or put the word out maybe someone on line has something.

    Your doing great

    1. I actually do mean upgrading. I'm a bit stuck with Verizon because of the grandfathered unlimited data plan (I use it a lot), but my hardware is rather old and its functionality is starting to fail. But if the phone issue is not an option, I may just go into a pre-pay. I would still love to keep my blackberry device line.

  2. I love your thought process because we think the same! There are often a lot of little things (and a few big things) that need to be purchased but they're not super important so they keep getting pushed back until you have the funds because more important stuff takes over!

  3. Regarding your computer mouse...have you tried freecycle? Post something for free to give away and do a second post requesting a useable free mouse? Lots of people have them to give.

    1. I haven't checked freecycle in a while, since we're a bit off the board geographically, but I'll take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Don't let the year make you nervous Tanner. I know exactly how you feel though, my year started off with murphy visits which can really impact some of my goals but I won't lose faith. They are goals, the one thing you can do is try at them.

    None of the windows in my car work and this has been like this for months now. My climate is much different to yours though, outside of rain fall it is always sunshine and outside is usually hot so I just blast AC as necessary. I do miss the fresh air and wind in my face but I haven't been able to find the parts to fix it at a reasonable price. I need to do some more looking though.

    Hakuna Mutata