Saturday, January 5, 2013

Philosophical break

I remembered something Judy said not too long ago about charity, and she always has a point. Even though I wanted to report how every penny of my non-bill money is spent, I won't be reporting any amounts for charity, since (as they say) that's between me and my God. But since it's a goal of mine to help 13 causes, I'm happy to report I've taken the first step and contributed to one yesterday.

This year has thus far been rather unkind to me, so I'll turn the other cheek and be nice to others. I think that instead of reporting in the future, I'll just follow a rather strange goal-tracking bar to the right (below my EF funds), from 0 to 13. Once the goal has been met, it will just be removed and marked as complete in my Goals tab.

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little."

While looking at the topic though, that quote came up... and it is so true. Especially with the whole debt situation, or life in general. Sure, it may be just $20. Sure, it may just be a 4% reduction in premiums. Sure, it may only be a snowflake in the form of pennies. But it is something. Likewise, it may just be parking at the back instead of next to the entrance. It may just be taking the stairs up. It may just be packing your lunch twice a week. It may be just a 2min call to say hi. Every little counts. Let's make it count!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll go back to my scheduled nonsense on Monday.


  1. Giving(or giving forward, I don't say giving back because I hate that phrase-it's so inaccurate sometimes lol)should be on everyone's radar. It is something that enriches both the giver and the ones given to. And I'm a big believer in charity being personal and not something enforced(govt.)
    It's not a contest to see who gives more so keeping the $$ numbers to yourself is better. Not that those who give time and skills are any less valuable.
    I love your new goal tracking bar. Why don't you name the charity though? It would go a long way to giving them some free advertising and might prompt a reader to look at them when they need a place to donate. How about putting their button on your blog so readers can check them out directly? Hmmm...I think I just came up with a good idea for myself. lol

    1. Initially, I didn't want to advertise my charitable acts, trying to keep track without specifying what was going on... but I definitely like your idea and will go with that, especially if it may prompt others to help out!

  2. Love the message of this post Tanner and the idea. My goal is to donate time more so than money but I need action more just saying. I'll aim for tomorrow to walk into one of the children's home on my island and ask a question.

  3. Thanks for the post - love the Mother Theresa quote. And, agree with Sluggy about posting the names of the charities. That's a great idea!

  4. Tanner, it sounds like you've been beaten up by some commenters. With blogging, there are always going to be some mean people but the majority of us come read your blog because we love reading your blog. You are doing your thing and don't lose heart.