Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

It was awesome to have such a long time off from work (four days total). Two of my best friends are teachers, so when they said the word "winter break", it took me a while to realize what they were talking about. I was hoarding sleep as if I could carry over for the rest of the season. Too bad it doesn't work that way, though! Otherwise I would've been good for the next month or so.

On Friday, my landlords gave me a $25 clothing giftcard and a $25 restaurant giftcard. At work, we all also received a $25 Target giftcard.

Since I had to go downtown to grab my new glasses anyway, I went in and bought what I wanted. Yup, I walked out with socks and two shirts for the summer. You'd be surprised how expensive those things are! So all in all, I paid a total of $2 and some change for 'my' gifts, and I couldn't be happier. Sure, I could've bought these things myself, but chances are, I wasn't going to. Since this was gift money, I was a lot more compelled to get things for myself. I am completely happy with my gifts, and thankful to have generous people around me.

On Monday, I took my half brother out to eat to a new place we've never been before (not a hard task, I assure you). What a fantastic restaurant! The owner would be reason enough to go back, if it wasn't because the fantastic food far surpasses his charisma. It started to snow towards the end of our lunch, which was a nice touch. Then I headed off to my parents' and took a nap. Again with my sleep hoarding habit.

My brother and his wife + kids came over and we had dinner by 9pm, a record at my parents' house, where holiday dinners are often enjoyed closer to midnight. It was quick and fairly uneventful, made entertaining by the kiddos. The two year old wouldn't leave my dad eat anything since he was dead set on fixing the radio that nobody could fix, so it would play music. It eventually did, surprisingly, and we went to the livingroom. Since my brother had a busy Tuesday going to visit the other half of their family (sister in law's parents/grandparents), they opened all the gifts then and there. Very cute moments. Christmas is all about the kids. Though when my dad saw his iPad, he was truly surprised, and very, very happy. That was a gift for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Then I went to sleep some more. But that was my weekend in a nutshell. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and upward and onward with the new year!


  1. Sounds like one to remember!

  2. Sounds like a very nice holiday. And what a fun treat to receive the gift cards & enjoy something for yourself!

  3. You did awesome shopping!! Sounds like a great day. I agree about your wishing you could stockpile sleep. That would be lovely.