Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner

I find it hard to believe Christmas is just a weekend away. That came quick!

My plans involve dragging my half brother to a nice lunch on Monday, since that's his only day off close to the holidays. I'm excited to try this restaurant, since I've heard a lot of good things about it, and it isn't terribly expensive. Hopefully it won't be too crowded, as the place itself is fairly small! Sadly, it can't be dinner, because my parents have issued an "or else" dinner invitation to me on Christmas Eve, so I'll be there and on my best behavior. My best friend sent me a lovely collection of music CDs I'm sure I'll get halfway through before the year is over.

Hope everyone has a very relaxing pre-Christmas weekend. Don't rush too much that you won't enjoy getting there, don't stress too much that you will be too tired once it gets there, and don't expect too much that you may be disappointed once it's all over. Just enjoy what you can and go with it. That's my plan, anyway!


  1. I hope your Christmas will be great!

  2. I hope your Christmas lunch with the brother goes well and you get through the Christmas eve family dinner unscathed. Peace to you Tanner!

  3. Hope the Christmas lunch is wonderful!

    I'm in the "relax & enjoy it mindset." I'm off of work in a few hours & officially starting my vacation. Woo woo!!

  4. That's an excellent plan: Keeping expectations reasonable so you are surprised with a relaxing and pleasant holiday. You've worked hard this year. Enjoy Christmas and I wish a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year for you!

  5. hope Christmas is nice and peaceful, you've achieved so much this year Tanner! well done and merry christmas