Friday, November 2, 2012

Shopping Plans

I promise this will be my last Christmas-related post for a while. I just want some closure with all of this planning.

As I had said, I wasn't going to open my jar until I had figured most of my gifts. And I did! My family is getting all cash. Go on, boo at me. I just don't feel that close to any of them to do anything personalized (other than my older brother).

The cash breakdown will be: $100 for each parent (yes, because they are getting separate amounts, mostly so my dad can claim his!). For my 3 younger siblings, each gets $50 and a card. Same for my landlords. I feel bad because I end up rushed at the end of the year and have failed to get them something. Not this year! Another expense will be $60 for the family blanket for my brother. This all comes up to about $480, including the cost of cards. I have $120 left in my budget. I have to get something for my half brother, but he usually sets a price cap of $20, so neither of us spends money we don't have. I can get a heck of a lot for $20. My other best friends... one is in China and refuses to let me get him something because of shipping costs into the country. My other best friend, his family has decided to forgo Christmas trading as well. Guess the economy is bothering everyone. I wont do gifts for them, but probably a card. Then an additional 3-4 cards to more distant friends. My plan is to have them all done by the end of Nov.

About the cards for my family... It is one of the hardest things to do. Since I can't just put cash in an envelope, I'll also be attaching Christmas cards. Aaaaand that's when things get difficult. I started trying to draft the letters... and kept going from one family member to the next. Not many nice things to say. Can't even bluff it, and I can bluff pretty good. I couldn't bring myself to say something nice, and I refuse to do something generic. It started to churn on my stomach after a while, growing tired of trying to think of good things in them and failing miserably, being reminded of the less nicer things they've done. The hardest two are my immediate younger brother (who is a jerk) and my mother, of course. I'll keep trying, and hopefully I can come up with something semi-genuine...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How great to have everything planned out! We don't exchange gifts between the adults anymore - just the kids under 18. (We have 4 kids that qualify at the moment in the family) It makes it so much easier!

  2. Why don't you just buy blank Christmas cards and write "Merry Christmas!" Nobody is looking for a handwritten Hallmark card. Don't stress about it. They will be looking at the money.

  3. I love Christmas posts, so keep them coming! And hmmm that's hard about writing the letters.

  4. I have to agree with ND Chic! If it's more stressful for you to try to find nice things to say, then just don't say anything (to paraphrase that old saying). Merry Christmas, Best Wishes and genuine well-wishing for the seasons will go further, take less time and be far more real than trying to pry something nice from the depths of your imagination.