Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another trip to the grocery store

It must be just me. Either that, or not a lot of people check their receipts from the grocery store. I'm willing to say that at least 6/10 times I go grocery shopping, my receipt is somehow wrong. Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and the total came to $29. Which sounded a bit high for what I was buying (bunch of produce and meats). Yet I was on my lunch break and couldnt linger to verify. However, when I came home, I discovered I was charged $6.29 for something that read "Perdue PP Ham". Perdue is a major chicken brand down here, but I didn't buy any chicken! This mystery meat was the second most expensive item in my grocery receipt. There were 16 items on my receipt and 15 in my bag. Great.

So what do I do? I went back today. And after standing and waiting for about 45min, they refunded me the money. Strange things: they had no record of that item, what it was, and they have no idea how it got into my receipt. Stranger thing? They couldnt even find my receipt in their file system! The girl looked at my receipt front and back, perhaps if to verify it was a legitimate receipt. What an ordeal... again.

I'm getting kind of used to having my receipts be wrong by now. Instead, I should be paying attention to when they are ringing the items, but I am not that fast of a thinker.

Wish that was the end of it, but not so fast. I had to go to Walgreens to pick up a few toiletries (and very, very cheap hair products!). By now, I should know better that if the cashier looks unhappy, I should probably go to a different one. But again, pressed in time, I stuck with the unhappy looking cashier. After not being acknowledged as being there, she started to check my stuff. The total was a bit over $45. I handed her my coupons, and she looked at me. She sighed and started scanning them. One had dropped to her counter (a small one), and another cashier had to point that out to her. She said two of the coupons werent working (they were Walgreens coupons too), so she didnt process it or tried to pass them through manually. Oh well. I ended up paying $28 for it all, but would've rather paid the $25 it was going to be if she had taken a bit more care.

Still, that leaves me with about $10 until next Friday. Other than eggs and more vegetables, I think I'll make it with no issue.

Yup. Pretty boring on this end!


  1. I try to check mine before I leave the store. My publix has a deal that if your item scans wrong you get the full price back. So, its worth it to check before I leave!

    1. Oh wow! I would love if the stores around here had that sort of policy. I don't even think we have a Publix on this region. I'm so envious.

  2. Good you checked! That stinks about the angry Walgreens employee.

  3. Boo to the angry Walgreens employee!

  4. The boring aspects of life are just part of life. I have to pay the cell phone bill and car insurance today, and what could be more unsatisfying than those? But it has to be done. Good job saving some money with coupons. I think I'm going to check my receipts more carefully after your story.

  5. I watch clerks like a hawk. I will not allow one to start ringing up my groceries until I can see the scanner. I bet 30% of the time I am over charged. I have to beleive it is an accident but is it?