Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 Months of Good Conduct

Driving conduct, that is. After separating my car insurance policy, the insurance carrier has to re-evaluate me as an individual all over again which regretfully means I have to go through their 6-month probation-type period in order to determine if I am eligible for additional discounts. For those of you familiar with Progressive, that's the Snapshot program. I got 18% under my parents’ policy last time, so I’d gladly take something similar this time around.

All I know in regards to what affects your possible discount is whether you’re driving during peak-hours and how many hard stops you make (dropping 7mph in 1 second or less). While I can’t control my driving hours, I can control the hard stops. Problem is, my car is having brake issues where they are extremely noisy when applied, so I tend to brake harder if just to stop the noise. My dad and I can’t figure out what the problem is; we bought the brakes, but when we went to change them, we found out all 4 brakes are still in pretty decent condition, so we didn’t change them. I don’t want to take it to a mechanic who will just tell me to change the brakes, especially after we’ve already gone that route. I really do not trust mechanics. I’ll just have to be more careful.

I won’t bore you with the numbers and calculations. I've bored myself to near-death plenty a times, but I realized (slowly... it's only Wednesday; bear with me) that this is nothing different than all the other self-imposed good conduct or good behavior trials we put ourselves through, it being money-saving challenges, no spend months, in order to reach a goal/reward of sorts. Everything is relative, after all.


  1. We have Allstate, and every 6 months we go without a claim, we get a partial refund of the premiums. Usually it is about $25. Plus, they drop the deductible.

  2. We have Progressive Auto insurance and I was thinking about doing the snapshot thing. Is that what it goes off of, how hard you brake and the times of the day you drive?

    1. That is what the disclosure says, and that's what I found out to be last time that counted. My parents/siblings' car did not qualify, and they had too many hard stops per trip. You can even check your own driving by logging in to your account. I think it's very worth it, especially if you have multiple cars. Even if only one qualifies, that's still a decent reduction, and it pays to be extra careful for it.