Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time in North Carolina

Today is a bad day to update my numbers, since I just made a payment to each one of those mocking bars on my blog. The payments wont be fully posted until Monday or Tuesday, so I'll update it then. 

Financially, I'm still under the $150/mo disposable income game. Everything else is getting paid timely and I'm not behind on anything. Pretty boring on that front. But boring is good and safe! The extra money I've made went into the $350 plane ticket for my trip next Friday. Hopefully this coming paycheck will help me with parking fees... can you believe a cab to the airport is $120 ONE WAY, while parking is $80 for the full 10 days?

As far as what is going on with me... work has finally winded down some. My ex-office partner left at the end of May, and we got someone new at the end of June. I've been training her now for 3 weeks, and she's caught on pretty quick. I'm still training with her, but the workload is so much lighter. No more work making it to my personal time. Hurray!

Right. North Carolina. What can I say, it's a beautiful state. I made it there within 5 hours instead of the scheduled 6:15, and I wasn't even speeding! The only slowdown was in Virginia with their several construction sites right at the beginning and end of the state. What's up with that? Virginia looked a whole lot more industrious than I had envisioned it. Sorry, no photos. I wont take photos while driving!

... Unless it's a state sign. But I was mostly alone on the road! Ok, ok. Shame on me.

Since we're shaming me, let me continue with that. I hate to stereotype, but the first thing I found in the state was fried chicken, bisquits and iced tea. It's nice to know some things are true in this life.

But let me not bore you with that. The chicken was really good, though. Better than anything you can buy up here from a fast-food like establishment. The host family were the warmest, most sincere and welcoming people I have met. Totally accomodating of this stranger that traveled 3 states to see their son's HS graduation. Made me feel a bit crappy about my own family, but we wont get into that either. Boring!

I really lucked out with this visit; on Sunday, they had a whole family get together at a beautiful lake.

So a total of about 20 people got together to celebrate 4 birthdays, 2 wedding anniversary and my friend's HS graduation. Again, nicest people you will ever meet. And they brought food! Fried chicken, bisquits, iced tea, cakes, cupcakes and hotdogs which were cooking in the dashboard of one of their cars. I admire true rednecks and their ingenuity. We had fun. They brought two boats, knee boarding boards and other water thingies I wasnt even aware existed. They all looked like awesome fun!... but can you keep a secret? I'm hydrophobic. And I went into the boat. Oh, the things we do for love pride. Terrified and overly anxious doesn't start to describe it, but I guess I wasnt as phobic as I thought.

I must say I actually enjoyed some of it. I didn't sleep much for the next two weeks because I kept feeling the waves rocking the boat (even while lying in bed), I picked up a rather bothersome eye twitch that lasted a few days, and not to mention my anxiety was high enough to be confused with a plane in the distance, but I did it and it was quite fun. Have to try things at least once, no?

Last, the wedding I had been invited to. It is a completely different experience being at a wedding as a guest and working it as part of the staff. Needless to say, it was thoroughly enjoyable, the food was awesome, and in the most perfect day June could summon. Lots of fun, and still some to come. I must say I'm liking life right now as long as I dont stop and overthink it! Now if we could only get rid of this 100 degree weather...


  1. glad you enjoyed your stay in NC, we moved here 20 years ago and will never leave!! Congrats on having a boring budget, you are winning at the money game!! Ha, boring is a good thing

    1. Didn't know you lived in NC. I should've stopped for some baked goodies...

  2. Boring like this is awesome! Especially after a fun trip!

  3. Looks like a great trip!!!!!!! And even more congratulations on your budget

  4. I have a cousin in N.C. Small world it seems. I know boring is well...boring but when it comes to money boring is the best! Congrats on being the best!

  5. Don't worry about stereotyping us southerners --- we're proud of our legacy of fried chicken, biscuits and sweet tea. In fact, we are absolutely clueless as to how the rest of the world gets by without having those as a staple of every day life! :-)

  6. I forgot to say it, but I liked the story of your trip down yonder. I like the way you portray yourself as human (the eye twitch - I get much worse when I'm fixing to get some social distress, which is often.) I reckon you and I have a similar type of nervous system. Do they drink Coke there? As in, "I'd like a Coke, please." "What type of Coke would you like?" "Sprite, please. No, make it a Co-Cola."