Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little update and some interesting notes on health insurance

Very boring stuff on my end. I keep postpoing any posts because of the lack of stuff to say.  I found out the post I had scheduled to be posted on the 6/12 didn’t really go through Blogger, so now I look like a real bum for not posting for over 20 days. I started to modify it and making it fit, I just scrapped it altogether because it was just irrelevant.

Now that I am literally done with traveling and going outside of my routine, I can assess the damage. And I am happy to report that there is none! Everything got paid timely, no extra money was taken... other than my parents forgetting to pay for the car insurance which is still attached to my bank account (for discount reasons), so the money was withdrawn, but they didn’t pay me back. And they won’t at this point, either. At least it wasn’t my doing. Yes, yes, I need to get my own car insurance, but I really can’t afford it until at least the end of September. Repaying taxes has crippled these past few months, as well as that unwilling loan—gift to my parents to buy a car that still doesn’t work. I am giving myself until Sept to get new car insurance separate from my parents.

I will also be checking my credit score at some point this weekend.  I had my credit reports from last year, but that didn’t give me a number (and did I mention I couldn’t save any of them because my computer crashed each one of them?).  The only indication of a number was from my credit card application back in Feb, where they gave me something in the 670’s. Ouch. The only bad thing I have, and have had for years besides maxed cards was a late payment in June of 2007 from one of my cards I didn’t even know existed. The card is CC2, which is currently closed since that time due to non payment. To think I started with approximately 6k/7k in credit card utilization, and now I am down to 3.5k/7k. Go me! 

On a lighter note, if you’ve had health insurance through an employer during 2011, you could be receiving a letter from last year’s medical insurance provider (if different from the current), and it could mean you would be getting a small rebate.  Thanks to the new healthcare act, insurance companies are required to spend at least 85% of the premiums paid on actual claims. If they go under that 85%, they’re required to reimburse the difference to the employer. If the employer receives a rebate, they are required to utilize at least 85% of it on the employees. They can either: a) rebate all covered employees for the difference, b) use it in a way it benefits the employee in terms of wellness programs and what not, or c) use it to reduce next year’s premiums by that amount. It seems my company is electing to do a rebate, so although it won’t be much, any extra is welcomed.

A bit of info from a generic insurance company can be found here:


  1. Did you shop for car insurances? Maybe, there is something that you can afford for now. It's great that you'll get some money back from your insurance! I've never heard of a plan like this, that's awesome!

    1. I shopped, and apparently Progressive is still my main choice. I am quite surprised at how cheap it can be for one person only!

  2. I'm glad you're still alive.
    And I hate with Blogger Effs with me too!