Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lack of Consistency

The morning woke up to fog and gray skies, all the way up until noon. We were bestowed graciously with some sunshine. For about 2 minutes. Then a thunder that made paper clips shake on desks marked the start of a good 10min torrential rain pour down. Then it was calm and gray again. Until the sun came out to shine for a grand total of 7 minutes. Torrential rain followed for 15min. Gray skies claimed the scenery once more. It's only 4:40pm at the time of this writing, and we saw the sun for a mere few seconds... you guessed it; torrential rain. There goes my plan of riding the bike tonight.

So besides updating you on our bipolar weather conditions, why am I bringing this up?

I seem to do this a LOT of the time. I get extremely motivated, because I have received some extra money, either from my PT job or a bonus or just saved some money by doing something right. Then bam; I get hit with a storm of bad things that last just as much. Then I'm back to the gray skies. Some days are non-issue financially, but I must say that my lack of EF makes me extremely anxious about money, even if there's no money movement for 10 of 14 days per 2wk period.

I'm worried about having to buy a wedding gift and a graduation gift. I'm worried about having to buy a proper wedding attire. I'm worried about the cost to go down to the graduation. While I could certainly skip it, I'd rather have that experience. August will be my bail-out month. August will actually bring a lot of good things (except another birthday, boo!). But this lack of consistency is really getting to me, and I need to focus on the days when it's actually blue. Which hopefully will be tomorrow. Or as soon as it stops raining.

How's your day going? Sunny, gray, or stormy? What's your personal forecast?


  1. If it helps, I'll keep you in my thoughts today.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. An EF will help you sleep better at night I promise!!! Try to put some back ASAP the grey days will feel much nicer once it is in place

  3. As much as you want to go, my advice to you is that if it is worrying you too much then you may have to let it go. If you keep those worries hanging over your head, they will only keep your skies grey. If you are really still going to go, set a plan and believe in it; that should help eliminate some of the worries. I understand the want to carry gifts but I'm sure they would understand if you didn't have anything.

    My forecast for the rest of the year is looking mostly sunny to cloudy at times with a few scattered showers.

    On an actual weather note, I've never in my life experienced anything like that. Sometimes I'm extra happy to live on an island in the Caribbean.

  4. Here's a saying for you which may or may not help - "Expect the best but prepare for the worst!" I was totally unprepared for some unexpected AND expected extra expenses this month so have totally blown my budget. At least each new month gives us another chance to recoup.