Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's just like riding a bike.

Stepping away from finances for a bit, I have a confession to make. I don't know how to ride a bike. I never learned. But I shortly will.

For those that didn't know (me included), May is National Bike month. Even if it's almost gone, it's never too late to celebrate, right? I received a very inspiring article about riding your bike to work and just riding it as a form of entertainment and exercise. I would love to just ride away the afternoons for an hour or two after work. And definitely, I'd love to ride it to work.

I brought her with me Monday, but I had to go to the store and did not feel like trying afterwards. Tuesday, I had to cook. And that took too long, since I cooked for the whole week (go me!). Wednesday, it was pouring. Today, I have a meeting at my other job (ugh! I'll spend more $ just in gas going there than what I will get paid for), so I won't get home til after 9pm. Tomorrow is Friday, so I am hoping it doesn't pour down again. I'll be going down to a little park, and hope there are not too many people there.

There's something a bit bothersome about not knowing how to ride a bike at my age. It's something I am expected to know, since everyone else does, right? It's a rite of passage for many. Not for me or my family. So I'm slightly troubled to make a fool out of myself falling down repeatedly, or worse, hurting myself. But you know what? Meh. Since when do I care what other people think?

There are a lot of 'basic' skills that not everyone has. There are some skills that not everyone has bothered to acquire or worry about. There's cooking, DIY'ing, effectively using coupons, changing your car oil, or brakes, or windshield wipers, riding a bike, balancing a checkbook, creating a budget, hanging a photo without breaking a wall, etc.

So what's a skill that you have not learned yet that you think everyone thinks it's pretty basic? If you can't think of any, what would be the last skill you acquired that you think you should've known sooner?


  1. Glad you're going to learn how to ride a bike! I haven't rode one in awhile, so I would most likely fall off.

  2. Good luck with your bike riding adventure!! I would love to have one of the cute 3 wheel ones with baskets but in our area I would get my rump run over!!

  3. Don't think you are the only one. One of my kids, who is 14, does not know how to ride and is resistant to learning. I hope and trust that he will learn someday. He didn't want to learn to swim, either, but he did learn. Plenty of adults cannot swim. That's more important than bike-riding.