Friday, May 18, 2012

Checking up with goals

I had completely forgotten about monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual goals. It just escaped my mind entirely. So since May didnt have any goals to start with (and I wish it did!), I've decided to look at my more long term goals.

I still have until December to complete my goals, but I am very behind on some. I have not finished one book. I'm not sure what it is, but I haven't really looked around for something that interests me. I've cooked about 3 cookbook recipes, and they all came out rather decent. But I blew my EF and Murphy funds on my parents, and thanks to the tax I owe, I won't be able to fully work on either until after September.

However, I'm doing very well on some of the smaller ones. I know not everyone is a fan, but coupons have saved me a lot of money ($200!), which has helped me with my goal to donate things/money to charity (up to $65 donated!). It also has helped me experiment with my cooking and try new products. Thanks to my new credit card, I'm well ahead of my snowballing quota (I know, I keep making it sound like it is a great thing and some of you cringe, but it really is good for me). So even though my CC1 wont see any more snowballs until about the end of September, I've made bulk payments in March, April and May that total 6 month's worth of snowballs. The bulk payments also mean smaller interest! By a bit, but it counts.

I know I shouldn't even be looking that far ahead, since it seems I've come to depend a little bit on these 3-paycheck months, but my next one is in August, and that will help me finish boosting my EF and Murphy funds. Once summer is over, I am ready for things to calm down and stay down. Yes, I'm probably the only person around looking forward to the end of summer.


  1. I need to coupon more! I stopped for awhile but now I have more time so I need to start back up.

  2. I think there are times when everyone wishes that a certain time period would just pass. I, myself, do it all the time. Wishing my life away!
    Take care.

  3. No, you're not the only one! By the end of August my paycheque increase by $500 per month because some of the deductions have been paid in full by then. I love those 4 months of BIGGER paycheques!!

  4. I would love to have coupons downunder! I would probably turn into one of those extreme couponers though lol!'but every dollar saved helps, and it's great to share the extras with charities.

  5. I think you are correct to look at your achievements thus far and to focus on your future. It is great to acknowledge our fails but we must never dwell on them. Learn from them and move forward.

    I know how it feels to wish time away. It happens when we are excited. The thing is to try and enjoy that time anyways even if you want it to pass.

  6. I live in Phoenix and it was 109 degrees today. I am so looking forward to the end of summer. ;)

    I was gung ho about goals at the beginning of the year. 2nd quarter, I've been meh. As long as you strike when the inspiration is there, that's all that matters in my book.

  7. We dont really get coupons here, when I shop I like to look at the reduced section first though and i think thats similar, sounds like your doing really well on your goals, try not to wish the time away too much though, enjoy the moment :)