Thursday, May 17, 2012

After all, it is wedding season.

I got invited to a wedding for 6/16. I knew the wedding was coming, but I guess I never connected the dots. It's for the company owner's son, and we're excited he's finally getting married. But that means I need to buy appropriate wedding attire, which I don't own. Boo... Think I can borrow Mysti's stuff once she's done with hers? Weddings are a completely different story when you're working them vs when you're attending them as a guest... I find it a bit unnerving, so pardon me while I panic about it in the upcoming weeks.

I work in about 40 weddings a year, so you’d think I’d know exactly what to wear. But I don’t! So wish me luck… I’ll go to consignment stores within the next few weeks and see what’s out there. I most certainly am not looking to spend more than about $40 on wedding clothes… as unrealistic as that sounds. I don’t anticipate wearing whatever I pick more often than once a year after June, so I definitely am not looking to invest a lot on it.

I've also gotten invited to a graduation on 6/8. It's in SC, which would be a 6hr drive each way trip, or 640mi, $100 in gas, $40-60 in tolls total. Yes, I did break it down to cost. That, plus some sort of graduation gift, would be my total expenses. The family of the graduate is willing to let me stay with them for the weekend. Whatever I buy for the wedding, I can use at the graduation. Win win!

Another thing in my mind is my vacation. I thought I had the dates and everything straight. I've been tracking airfare with Yapta. But... things have gotten unnecessarily complicated, and I am not sure when or if I will be going back for a second visit this year. I'll still save for it (about $400 total), and I’m about 80% sure I am using it, but still that 20% is a very nagging portion.
June is approaching a LOT faster than I thought. I'll start re-evaluating May (since it started without goals) and checking what I can accomplish in June.


  1. You are more than welcome to borrow my dress! ;)

  2. No doubt about it, Summer's are very expensive!

  3. You summer sounds exciting. Don't let the 40% worry you, just stick to your plan and let everything fall into place.

  4. Maybe I'm the only one, but I am not a huge fan of weddings. They get a little boring. But it's fun to dress up for them!