Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still alive

That had to be the longest I've gone without posting, but I think the un-budget March has me in shames. I really just needed some room to let everything break and go its own way.

Yes, little monkey. Time is slipping!
With my vacation to NY only a mere 48hrs away (yikes!) and little planned on it, I really can't say I am stressed. With my other vacation to Chicago, I am truly stressed out and it's 9 days away.

Haven't really had time to blog or read up because of, um, stuff at work. My work partner and manager have been going at it, my partner is looking to leave (and I'm sort of cheering for her to get a better job), so it's just been uncomfortable and busy. Busier.

Bye bye budget! See you in April.
Budget wise, as I mentioned, March will be a surprise even for me, after it has passed. Another round of unexpected events (thanks parents... you're like the gift that keeps on giving [problems]!) came my way depleting my EF and part of my vacation fund. Discouragement hit my books like a brick wall, and I honestly have not kept up with my expenses (as far as recording-- but worry not! As I teased Andrea from So Over Debt on the coupon post on her blog, I managed to snatch 2 Welch's Essential juices (the big sizes), 2 bags of mixed veggies, a bag of croutons and a bag of salad, I only paid $2.70. See? Frugality carries on much after your budget goes out the window.

My taxes are due in the song of $2000. I am not worried about paying the taxes, as they will (somehow) be paid over the stretch of 6 months. This is good and bad; good because I don't have to pay it all at once and only suffer some interest backlash (interest on interest... don't get me started), bad because I wont be able to do any snowballs for 6 full months as the $333/mo is a lot higher than I can afford. I am yet to see what this will do to my plans... bad because I have to fix my W4 and will be getting less Net pay every paycheck, but good because that fix in the W4 should spare me from this next year and good that I have a good $600 coming from that credit card I opened, reaching payout on my CC1 and ING Checking bonus, meaning that will have to suffice as snowball. I refuse to let that money get stolen by this new debt. $600 is actually 4 months worth of snowballs, so I may not be falling so far behind after all! Could've been very ahead... but at least I can still meet my mark.

Plans for vacation 3 fell through, and even though I am really bummed about it and wont get to meet a long time online friend and his wife, I'm sort of glad I wont have to work with that new expense at the end of July. I may still go and meet some other friends, but the expenses will be considerably lower, and I'm quite happy about it.

Overall, I'm still alive. (any Portal fans?)

March is almost over, folks! Week and a half and we're into April. Oh, and happy spring! I am not loving the rain, but oh, the flowers! View-tiful all over. Have a nice humph day!


  1. Glad you're still alive! NYC is so close. I know what you mean by saying you're stressed. I am too. My vacation starts this weekend and I feel like I have nothing planned.

  2. Listen, take it easy and get those bags packed!
    Have a great little vacation in NY!

  3. It's good to be alive. Take it easy, enjoy your vacation, let the dust settle, and then saddle up a new action plan.

    Minor setback. Don't lose hope and don't give up.

  4. Crap happens, go enjoy yourself. Your bills will be waiting for you. So have a good time.

  5. Your post has more ups and downs in it than a Coney Island roller coaster! But get ye off to NY and make sure you eat lots of street food - it's the best so I hear!

  6. Enjoy!!!! It will all be here when you get back! Safe travels!

  7. I agree with what everyone else has said; craziness happens but what's most important now is that you take a much deserved break; have a great time in NYC!!

  8. Love this math-y post. Also loved the monitor flying out the window. Have some great vacations and see you on the other side!

  9. Have a great time in New York! I was just there last month and it was fun. Just relax and have a good time!

  10. Hi, I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading it. Some of the bar charts on the side of your blog look off. For example, the car loan says 5111 / 7500 and is listed as 41.9% but if that is how much you have paid, it is really 68%.