Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh oh / What's luck got to do, got to do with it?

Yeah, I'm a shameless Tina Turner fan. Who isn't? (actually, please don't reply to that). Also, Mark inspired me to think of songs as titles. Well, I sort of had that song stuck in my head, but I thought I'd make a post Mark-style: with an awesome song.

I got to thinking this morning on my way to work... October was a month to be someone you arent and dress up for Halloween and get your candy fix. November was a month to be thankful. December was a family-time, get-together, warmth-inducing month. Then we get January and get slammed with resolutions, and February with all the lovey-dovey, friendship and SAD stuff. What's March? Well, LUCK of course!

Do I consider myself lucky? Do you consider yourself lucky? Of course you do. Think about it. How often do you go out and think outside of the power struggle between you and debt? We're too often just focused in debt, and it becomes walls arounds us. All of our debts are written in these walls. We read our past mistakes over and over and over. They stare down at us and we pledge revenge. We regret doing some things and wish we had been smarter. Debt is always on our mind and it reflects in our actions.

But if you care to look outside your debt cubicle, per se, you would see that you actually have a lot to go for. For one, you're alive. Congrats! Yes, I know most of you think that is a given and don't think about it, or think it's the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel blessing. But it isn't. Have you seen the statistics these days? I won't make any numbers up, but there are a lot of people dead or dying. And not just in third-world countries, but people wearing similar shoes as you. People with careers, jobs, families, mortgage, car payments, goals and so on. Health is right up there too.

But outside those over-the-top blessings; think about your situation. Sure, there's debt. There are mistakes. There are regrets. There's Murphy. There's that vehicle/appliance/house part that needs fixing. And that cousin/parent/sibling/child/friend who is just not very nice to deal with until after they've had their 10th cup of coffee. There's also family, and that's hopefully a thing you're lucky to have. I'm lucky to have mine. Otherwise I really wouldn't be who I am today and probably wouldn't exist. I'm lucky for having a job or two. It's sounding like dejavu as I constantly am reminded I am thankful and lucky to have the things I have, regardless what challenges tag along.

I am actually really, really fortunate and very lucky. I don't mean LUCKY in the sense that this isn't something I've worked for. Some people take offense when the word "lucky" comes to play because they think the speaker is literally saying "you don't deserve this. It came to you by pure chance". Nope, not what I mean. I mean that with every breath you take, you're taking chances. And you're continuing to beat some chances, and not all of them are something you can control. A lot of them are completely outside of your control. And yet you continue to push on and move forward. I consider that lucky.

If you put everything (and I mean everything, good or bad!) on a scale, you are still coming ahead. Is that lucky? Considering all of the odds you've beat thus far, including being where you are in your debt journey, your health, your family and friends, things you've done and/or seen and/or experienced, I think you're lucky. I know I am.

How about you? Do you consider yourself lucky thus far, in the light of all of your challenges, misfortunes, miscues and mistakes?


  1. Yes, I'm an optimist by nature and it takes very, very little to make me feel happy and content. I was just saying to the mister the other night: "Here I am lying in bed [ready to go to sleep, don't get the wrong idea, LOL] next to my husband [who happens to be the best anyone could have] and all of my kids are in their beds sleeping and everyone is OK; we have a roof and heat and food and water," and I didn't even mention things like great medical care nearby or other things that start to be more and more "lucky" to have as you go up the scale, like great education resources - anyway, I stopped after "everyone safe in bed" and said, "What else could I want? What else is there in life, anyway, that's more important than that? It does not get any better."

  2. Yes I do. Sometimes it's hard to realize all your blessings in such a busy and noisy world but they are there everyday, even if you don't acknowledge them.

    This post reminds me of this quote:

    “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

  3. Like 444 I'm an optimist - I always look on the bright side, always look for the silver lining, and can always turn a negative statement into a positive one. Just consider the odds of that one egg of your mother's and that one out of billions of sperm of your father's meeting up and creating YOU!! The odds are astronomical!! One zig when they shoulda zagged and we wouldn't be here!! I'm always in awe of life and the miracle that I'm here. Powerful stuff!

  4. Yep lucky here, to have been so blessed with family friends and just what we need

  5. We may not be lucky health wise in our family, but we've been blessed in our offspring. All our kids ( mine and my sisters') have turned out well. They are life smart kids with good hearts who understand the importance of family. None of them have gotten into any legal troubles or substance troubles. *knock on wood*

  6. First, I need to let you know that although I'm honored that you gave me a shout-out, I'm pissed that you used the post title that I was going to use on Friday. I'm not kidding, I plan to write about Immigration and that was my title. I'm actually laughing that you were able to read my mind. Or maybe I should be scared. Write back and let me know if I still can use it.
    Okay, I do consider myself lucky and blessed. With all that is going against us, we are still together and aren't in the poor house.
    Take care, Thief!

  7. Yes, I believe there is a certain element of luck in every good fortune we come across, whether it's a tangible or intangible one. I'm definitely lucky to be where I am today but it's because of my own hard work.

  8. What a great post! I'm definitely lucky and blessed in my life. We face lots of hardships but every time I sneak to my boys' rooms at night and look at them soundly sleeping, I know it's all worth it! It's so easy to forget about what we already have but as my Hubby once said," When you think, your life is too hard, watch the news!! Then you'll know that you have plenty to be thankful for!!"

  9. I am abundantly blessed in my life! My husband had a good (enough) paying job with full benefits that with a careful budget I can stay home with my 4 wonderful children. We live in a big, wonderful home, in a safe & quiet area of town. I'm blessed talents that allow me to earn a few extra $$ on the side, and we have our health. I am "lucky", yes. ;)