Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Budget Recap 12/22 - Boring stuff

This period will cover from 12/9 to 12/21. This would normally have gone to 12/22 but we got paid early because of the holidays. Also, even if it doesn't affect this period a lot, I got paid today plus a bonus from my full time job. It was only $400, but $100 of it will cover my contacts. I'll detail the rest on the next recap.

No spend days: 8/13

Friday 12/9: Payday
- $410 car payment (#14!)
- $150 credit card payments
- $180 loan payments

Sunday 12/11:
- $27.32 for the doll and extra smaller toys 
- $54.69 groceries
- $7.42 lunch/dinner

Monday 12/12:
- $11.44 extra gift that nobody got and I was asked to get (woe is being the only childless/single person in the office...)
- $5.35 dinner
- $22 contact lenses copay

Tuesday 12/13:
- $42.28 groceries (yes, it bites to go without grocery shopping for 3 weeks.)

Sunday 12/18:
- $15.26 misc items including a new lamp since mine finally died
- $10.98 for a computer cable for my half brother. I'm counting it as part of his Christmas gift, since I was able to buy it through my Amazon Prime with free second-day shipping vs him spending $54.99 at BestBuy.
- $10 random donation
- $99.45 to complete a year's worth of contact lenses. I'll get $60 back and buy glasses with that at some point early next year.

Bills: $740 / $740
Groceries: $96.97 / $80 ($60 scheduled plus $20 from the previous period I didn't use)
Misc.: $109.55 / $70 ($40 scheduled and $30 gas money that went unused)
Unscheduled: $99.45 / $0 (the contacts will be paid with part of the bonus, but at the time, it was $0.)

Yup, I did overspend quite a bit. It was messy and unorganized, but I hope I can provide a better picture by the next recap.


  1. You overspent? Bad girl! I wonder if Santa knows that you've been naughty?

  2. Mark just ruined something for me. I thought Tanner was male. In fact, for all I know that still might be true (Mark may be mistaken, or may have been speaking un-seriously or something.) Do me a favor and don't clarify this (on my behalf, anyway.) I won't come back and read any further comments here. I'm going to continue to let it be a mystery. I like it better that way.

    This looks a little bit like my spending log. I'm looking forward to seeing the spending log get back to sane levels in future months.

  3. I think you did great! Don't let Mark scare you Fred doesnt let him spank anyone anymore.

    And look at that fully funded E fund

  4. My recap would make your "mess" look totally organized!! I went completely off the rails this month and plan to ignore my finances til January - I just can't face it!