Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lack of communication

I can think of very few things that are as bad as lack of communication or poor communication at all. I think a lot of problems have their root in how well or how poorly the parties involved communicate and understand each other.

Anyway, a lot of my week has been sort of up in the air since my manager insisted on keeping it secret which days we would get off for the holidays (we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off). Since they fall on Saturday/Sunday, that could mean we could get Thu/Fri, Fri/Mon, or Mon/Tue. But she LOVES secrets, even if it means that this jeopardizes our job or makes us do double work for no valid reason.

So thankfully, the other manager from the floor above finally asked her last night about which days we're getting off. She rather nonchalantly said "oh, we decided Fri/Mon." Gee, thanks. Me and my co-worker (and the manager from upstairs) just looked at each other and shook our heads. First: who is "we"? They're the only two managers in our building in control of our schedule, and nobody else knew which two days. Second, I wonder when she was planning on letting us know... Thursday evening?

I think I'm a bit too used to being treated like I have no social life (which I don't, but that's not the point!). I still am glad and thankful for my job, and that I actually like it a lot and enjoy it. It doesn't mean it is perfect, and trust me, it isn't.

On different news, sorry for not letting you know before hand that I'd be changing the formats of my 'weekly' recaps to a bit more bi-weekly, to match my paychecks. I went back through my posts trying to make sense of all the data that I was posting and that wasn't helping me form a clear picture. So my next money spending recap will be on 12/22/11, and will run from Fri 12/9 to Thu 12/22. Paycheck is on 12/23 and will start the next 2-week period.

Christmas is upon us! Hope you all are having a wonderful one. I still have to find things to do with this new time off of mine.


  1. I hope you enjoy your extra time off! Take some time for you.

  2. It's obvious that she enjoys the Power. I guess it's the only thing in her life that she can control.

  3. That's so frustrating. I got anxious just reading that. But then again, I have mega issues with not knowing what's happening, ha!

    Have a great few days off :)

  4. That's good that you finally found out what days you have off, enjoy the time!

  5. Okay - I just have to say this... what a bunch of moron's!! My company publishes the holiday schedule annually, so we know ahead of time.

  6. That is terrible letting people know what days are the days off at such a late notice! Geez, people do have lives. My company (we have about 35 employees) publishes the years holidays at the beginning of each year so we know what to expect. If it were me, I would've just kept asking what days were off, LOL!

  7. wow, I agree with Mark, she's got problems! Hope you have a nice few days off over Christmas

  8. Thanks, I do seem to be making some plans for the holidays, but now to deal with the unknown it is my family.