Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry December! Goal updates

As for my December goals, I really don't have any other than keeping my EF untouched and making it through the season relatively unscattered. Though I would like to make my budget a bit more... accomodating and flexible, since it is stiff as a plank as it stands right now.

My 'me' money has no wiggle room, and that sort of sucks. In November, I spent on my contact lenses exam, and quite honestly, that took most of my grocery budget and misc budget. Ok, ok. It took ALL of it. So I'll be avoiding groceries until the 9th. On the flipside, I haven't spent anything on groceries! But it does illustrate a very big problem with the way my budget functions.

I will definitely try and join in for 12 goals for 2012.

Old goals and how they stand: Green for success, Red for failures
-Have 'the talk' with parents and decide whether to engage or disengage of their finances
I did have the talk. It failed. I have chosen to disengage. So let's see if I can stand by my word. Since my talk with my parents, they have not paid anything...
-Catch up to parent's HALF overdue bills, totalling $1,325 (Half being $662.50... how the heck am I planning on doing this?!) Not doing
-Get EF up to $500 $650 (EF stands at $450 as of 11/1) - DONE! Got it up to $1,000. Go me.
-Do meal planning for 2 of 5 weeks in November - DONE
-Exercise 10 days (any 10 days. Have to start somewhere.) Easily a fail.
-Late on this, but I need to figure out Christmas. I'd rather not give anything out, and I am really not obligated morally or otherwise to exchange gifts, but it would be a nice thing to do. A nice, money-costing thing.
Halfway done. Only gifting 3 people, plus the Social Services family my company adopts every year.
-Look at ways to supplement own income - Fail. It's hard when I'm not even sure where to start, other than increasing my hours at my part time job or getting another different part time job.


  1. Good for you for working to pay off your debt! That's a great goal! I have a really difficult time sticking to a budget at all... might keep it for a few months, than forget about it. It still gives me a general idea of how much I can spend, but I blow it AND forget to keep it up...

  2. I would say you were pretty successful. I am very proud of you, its hard to take this step with your parents

  3. I agree, I think you are doing great. Sorry about the talk though.

  4. I'm so sorry you are going through this with your parents. It is definitely not fair to you, and disengaging is probably your best bet. You've tried to help, they refused. Now you have to take care of YOU. As a parent of adult daughters, I would hate for them to have to worry about my finances. Your parents will figure it out when they HAVE to.

  5. This all sounds good. And it sounds like you are already working enough, with two jobs. It's not like you need three.

    I hesitate to comment on anyone's complex family situations, but it sounds like you have already offered substantial assistance to your parents and I believe they are able-bodied, so I don't understand why they would rely (ungratefully, it sounds like) on so much income from you. I'm not totally against family members of any age pooling finances which is why I don't want to slam them, and of course, I don't know all the details. But I trust that you know all the details, and it sure sounds like one party has been taking undue advantage of the other. So it's good that you're getting your own personal finances in order - no one can be financially strong for anyone else if they're getting sucked dry constantly. Here's to a stronger, healthier financial life for you in 2012.

  6. Thanks guys and gals.
    @ 444 - I'll admit I've been wanting to get another PT job. It seems the money from my current PT job is my only 'me' income, so I rather enjoy it. They have that mentality, well... because they think it is the only right way to do things (for children to support their parents until they get a family of their own), so yeah. Thanks for your comment.

  7. I'm totally on board with 444! You're on the right path for yourself & I'm excited to see where 2012 brings you! :)

  8. You have came really far since I began reading your blog and it is amazing. Congratulations Tanner.

    No matter which way I look at it you have come out on top. Yes some goals may look like fails but I see them as minor setbacks. You are in control and that is as good a start as any.

    I wish you the best for this month and for next year.