Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Recap 10/24

Monday: $42.79 groceries for me (yay, I have food again!)
Friday: $11.78 chicken on sale and some bread for the weekend at my parents'.
Sunday: $29.62 buying TP, paper towels, dog and cat food. And laundry detergent. All for parent's house. Dad paid for the food on this trip.

4 no-spend days, $84.19 out of $150 budget ($150 every paycheck).

Ok, so I spent $1.39 less on my dad's than on my own shopping. That's fair enough.

As I mentioned before, they towed away my car, as my dad sold it to a friend for pieces, at $300 for it (a bit higher than junk yard prices). I couldn't watch it go, and the money does not seem to cover it at all, but the car had to go before the forsaken HOA started to get on my dad's behind about it. We returned the tags, and should have a check in the mail for $65. I took it off the insurance, and it went down by $20/mo. I gave my dad $60 for his expenses this week (mostly gas and what not) and kept the other $240 as EF savings because I don't trust him with money. He wont spend it, but my younger siblings will drain it out of him. I'll keep it in cash for right now and hope I forget about it.

To be honest, I am rather fearful that the $240 will be spent next week, when my mother is scheduled to return on Friday (a whole post coming about that soon). Her tickets to fly back are scheduled to be about $300, and no, she doesn't have money to pay for them, so my dad has to pay them (which means I have to). Sigh. All of his paycheck left on Friday, and only 4 of 8 utility bills were paid (behind on 2 of them), and none of the 8 credit cards were paid. Not sure what to do, to be honest, but have to keep going with the flow. The very bad, lousy flow. Only 5 more of his paychecks to manage until December, where I hope I can utilize the extra paycheck to balance/get caught up with stuff.


  1. Oh my, that's way too much work for me.
    Hang in there!

  2. I really hope your parents one day realize how very blessed they are to have such a generous & selfless son!

  3. Seems the family is totally out of their minds!

    I have read all your posts and I want to slap your "mom" and give you a hug!

  4. Think Carla nailed it with her comment. Not only that but you are really strong along with being selfless. Don't give up.

  5. Thanks, guys. Though my wishes are in them realizing the mess they're in and working to get it solved...