Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remembering our goals

Following the theme of the Marshmallow test, it got me thinking, what exactly is my other marshmallow? What are the things I really want and am waiting for and enduring the long, arduous minutes/ hours/ days/ months/ years for?

Sure, a lot of us have a lifetime goal of getting out of debt and living comfortably. Or really down the road goals like paying off a mortgage earlier or seeing one children's go into college debt free. But I guess the goals I want to focus on today are those goals we're looking to accomplish in the next 5 years or so.

And here's why: A lot of us are hard set on focusing on the journey. Nothing bad with that at all! However, we don't keep our goal/destination in mind as much as we do on the road to get there. Heck, sometimes the destination takes us by surprise and we have not a darn clue what to do once there! I propose that we should be mindful of what our goals are more frequently. To have a photo of what it looks like on the fridge, or in our nightstand. So...

Here's my rundown list!

Taken from an earlier post by Rafiki at Upendilife, I want to list the stuff in regards to how important they are.

Car - 7/10
I have a car right now, but it's borrowed from my parent's, since my car died 10/7. I don't want to hold onto this car for a long time, so I need to start reviewing my options...  but I just want a car that's mine. And I NEED a car because public transportation doesn't really exist around here.

Professional camera - 2/10
This is a big time WANT and nowhere near a need of any sort. I want to record the rest of my life in photos, and I also like to take photos. Right now I am depending on a 1.2mp camera, and that isn't going to get me there.

My own apartment/a home -5/10
I cannot express how badly I want this. So you will have to trust me. I want it even more than to be completely debt free. But that's it: a WANT. For now. At this point in time, 4th quarter of 2011, my desire for it is at a 5 because I am adding rationale. I KNOW I cant move yet. Ask me again in 2-3 years and that will be a 12/10.

Blackberry Cellphone - 7/10
Hello pretty phone. 90% of my friends are out of state and we communicate via chat, so a phone like this really helps. Also, my current phone has played dead and zombie one too many times. I'm afraid that the next time it dies, no amount of tape will help me bring it back...

Umbrella - 2/10
Go ahead, laugh. It's been pouring dogs and cats, and I really like how I can throw these mini umbrellas anywhere in my backpack, and they are automatic open/close. Mine wont last me much longer and I received as a gift. They also illustrate how bad of a situation mine is that I can't afford a $16.99 umbrella. I'd still like to buy one, though. Preferably that plaid one.

What are some of the things YOU are waiting for and enduring this whole debt paying business? How do you keep your goals in mind in good and in bad times? (Like posting photos, keeping them on your desk/desktop, daydreaming) I personally called the local Chamber of Commerce of the place I want to move to, and requested they sent me a map of the city. I had a photo of that map as background for my phone, but now I just have it posted inside my closet walls, so every time I go in there, the map is there. It does make me feel a lot better just by glancing at it in the morning!


  1. You have a great goal list!! I have a nice DSLR, a Nikon D90, and they are a great camera! Hope you're able to start saving towards your "wants" soon! :)

  2. If you don't mind leopard print, I'll send you my mini-umbrella. I never use it here in Florida, when it rains here it's like a monsoon and an umbrella doesn't help much. Luckily it doesn't usually rain for long, so everyone just waits it out.

  3. I would like a lap top, I would also like a new bosch mixer for bread baking. I know kinda dumb. But just a wish. Wishes keep you going.

  4. Wishing and dreaming is what gives us the power to go on. We all have then and I really love your list. I would really like a camera like that also


  5. I really want a nicer camera. My BF bought me a camera for Christmas last year, and while the thought was nice, he must have not been listening because he got me a Nikon touchscreen camera, but it was not a DSLR. I really want one! But now I would feel bad if I got one.

  6. Right before I started blogging over two years ago, Fred bought my SonyA230 for me. I think he was getting sick of me asking him to take photos of stuff. Anyway, I can't live without it now. I hope to move up to a Nikon or Canon pretty soon.
    What I want now in life, money can't buy. Still, I'm hoping to get it. And when I do, I'll let you all know. m.

  7. This post could not have come at a better time. I really needed to see this. This will help a lot.

    You did more than you would have expected in this post.

    Also thanks for the link. You got really far back in my archives. That makes me smile and brings great joy.

    I think Judy nailed what I would have wanted to say. Don't let go of your hopes and dreams and never give up on your goals.

  8. I too am lusting for a DSLR. But like you it is a want not a need. :( We will get it one day, of this I am sure. Keep moving forward on your goals. They will all fall into place.