Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Still no payment posted!

Why must they refuse me the satisfaction?! My student loan provider (grantor? holder?) still has not posted the payment I made last week. What's worse, it has disappeared entirely from the site, which has never happened before. Normally they show up as "Pending", then "Processed", then finally they post. Now it's just gone. Yes, I am being impatient.

I started moving boxes around the room. I packed all of my winter clothes, and I am taking everything but essentials to my parents' house over the next few weeks. I moved my unused electronics, need to break down my desk, and take my desktop. They will stay at my parents until I find a new place to leave, as this lease ends June 30th. I will most likely live with them (hopefully not for long, before I get desperate!), but I will pay them rent and such. Of course, this is all remedied if I do find a place... havent had much luck, and I started looking in February, so we'll see...

Financially, I'm in a bit of a strap. I've been stalling getting my naturalization paperwork completed, but I kind of got forced into it, with or without the money. Since I didnt have the funds saved for that... I am borrowing against myself and my Christmas fund. That was $680! So much for completed goals. But since bad things never come by themselves, I was sort of forced into vacation at the end of June, at the tune of about $650. Which was my entire budget, haha. I am paying for me and my dad's plane tickets (it's for his birthday), and then paying for rental car. No, I didnt have to pay these things, but considering how scarce the chances to get together will become this time next year, I kind of talked myself into it. Last but not least, the car. Yes, the loan is STILL not done. A bit irritated it's taking this long, but there's little I can do about it. However, once that is done... there are registration fees, inspection and new tags to worry about. Zero idea how much that will be, but I will be playing it by ear.

I know it sounds awful and expensive, but the best thing is that none of these extra (way above and beyond) expenses will become debt. Well, not a debt to anyone but myself. I will work hard to make up for all this lost time on my goals and continue to push forward. My EF stands, I still have an additional $1k for various goals... I should say it's all good. A few steps backwards... ok, a lot of steps backward, but not going down. Now it's time to regroup and move forward again. I'll get the hang of it.


  1. Sh!t happens, my friend. You're in a good place. Roll with the punches! And you know you're OK!

    Peace <3

  2. If you are worried about the student loan them! It may be taking longer because the loan is completed, and they now have to close it out.

  3. So where are you flying to on your vacation? I hope it's somewhere nice.
    Yes, I am nosey. lol

    And like Mysti said, processing your loan as paid in full would take longer and probably handled by a different area/dept.

    1. Texas! Not sure it will be as nice, but it sure as heck will be hot, haha.

    2. Yes, hotter than hell at that time of year! lol

  4. From your other posts, I would make sure to budget for extra food and supplies. Frankly, I would put a lock on my room also but that is just me.

    As everyone has suggested, I would call regarding the loan payment.