Monday, April 21, 2014

Post surgery, soft foods, cars and spending

I know many people would disagree that a 5-day weekend isn't a weekend off when you're sick or just out of surgery and out of it or in pain, but it was fantastic to have a few days off. FULLY off. No to-do lists outside of taking pain medications, no pending issues besides a lot of napping... We haven't had a real day off since New Year's (plus or minus 2 unscheduled snow days), so I was excited to be off, feeling ill or not. To do it justice, I did nothing at all but rest and I loved it. Back to scheduled madness now.

Surgery went great, and no, I don't remember getting out of the dentist office or taking a rather painful selfie of me with my smile faced bandaid. Everything else went just as well as I could've hoped; bleeding stopped right away, no pulsing throbs yet, a bit of swelling (ok, a LOT of it, but it receded), and little pain. A lot of restricted movement, but little pain. I am happy overall. My follow up will be on Wed (do I have to pay for that appointment? No idea), and hopefully that gives me a clean bill of health.

My brother texted me Sunday that they finally delivered him the letter for the car sale, so once I receive that, hopefully I can "buy" the car. I've made all the payments to it, bringing it to $7,500 (well, $7,434, but who's keeping track). I am hoping I can bring it over to my possession before the month is over. How's THAT for optimism?

Last but not least... outside of $14 worth in pain meds, the $300 in cash for the dentist and about $30 on food to cook with/for my dad, last week was cheap. And for the next 4 days, all I have to buy is something soft but edible (ugh soups and ugh mashed potatoes... maybe I'll get sweet potatoes), and that shouldn't come to more than $15. All the savings will continue to be set aside on a separate savings account until they reach $300, and then moved to my Ally account to partake in any one of my bigger goals... right now, building a much bigger EF is sounding like the best idea.

Hope to catch up with everyone here shortly! Just give me some time. A lot happens in 5 days.


  1. Glad to hear it went well. Hope the recovery continues swiftly.

  2. So glad to hear it went well. And also glad you "enjoyed" your time off. Sometimes it is nice to just lie around!

    Peace <3

  3. Whew! Over and done with except for the mashed potatoes :) Glad it all went ok and you planned it nicely to coincide with a long holiday weekend. Take care Tanner.