Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moving again!

The first time I moved was a bit sad and melancholic. The whole "first time moving out" deal. The next one was rushed, by no plan of my own. Third one was by choice due to... hazardous environment, and here we are again! Time to talk moving plans.

My landlord asked me about my plans, and I was kind enough to be vague. They're a lovely family, but it is a bit restricting timewise and spacewise. Another leading cause is distance; I am half hour farther north. If it was south, it wouldn't be an issue; it'd be midway between parents' house/PT job and FT job. But as it is, it's just too many extra miles that I could do without, not to mention it increased my gas budget to $50 as well as my rent by $50.

It's already April, and my lease is over in July. I could leave early if I asked her, but not yet. I've been looking for postings since February and have not seen anything remotely decent. So disappointing! For my next rental... I REALLY would like it to be back in town, close to my FT job. I was spoiled with my first move, living within 5 min of work. And really, it makes sense. Highest gas savings and time saving. I don't ask for a lot of things besides the basics plus internet. You'd think that'd make me a good, easy target to get rentals, no? Nah. It doesn't. *sad face*

My rental budget is $500 including utilities, which I believe is reasonable for a single room. I mostly rely on Craigslist, because being such a small, in the middle of nowhere town, we don't make it to the newspapers (haven't seen a listing in over 8 months now!), and even the smaller websites don't have local listings. Can't say I am looking forward to packing my stuff again, though I never truly unpacked this time around. Once spring officially starts and it's not cold in the mornings and evenings, I'll pack all of my winter stuff and drop it off to my parents'. The less stuff I have to get ready, the better. And though I normally pack within a weekend, I don't see any harm on getting it done little by little.


  1. I hate moving!!! I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!! Good luck finding a room that fits your budget. I know it isn't easy.

    Peace <3

  2. Have you checked with local church's in the area. Our church always has a list of people who are looking to rent out a room or a in law suite. Might be something there. One of the women I know is renting a in law suite in exchange for doing basic housecleaning for the older couple she is renting from. Not bad for your own room, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Anyway just an idea :)

    1. Ooh, I like that idea... I'll have to check with the churches. There are so many around here it just makes me nervous (yes, that can be an actual thing!)

    2. I am telling you it really is nice. Besides the fact that the rent is cheaper you are just doing some simple things for reduced rent plus most of them just like to have someone in the house they don't want you to entertain them just help them. If any of the church's want a reference I will be happy to write one. We actually have a waiting list of older couples looking for someone to rent a room or a finished basement. I hope it works out

  3. Ah drats, moving is the pits. I've moved more times in 27 years than you probably wanna know. Let's see... pre-k, maybe 3 times (of what I remember). Then grade school through high school, 4 times (parents built a house and sold ours before it was done). Then college to now, 8 more times I think. The reasons for moving vary.. my own job, affordability, house built, Dad's job transfer across the state, college transfer, my own marriage & divorce, etc. Annnd, I'm likely moving again this Fall (in with my BF). Luckily I can move in slowly over a couple months. It's a drain on energy & time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do *shrug*