Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Indeed, it's a good day!

It's a good day for no special reason. Just because. I just cant turn down a good time to celebrate all the good stuff that happens ordinarily, and I'm joining Udy, Lena and everyone else who is on this.

So here's my shortlist of great things:
- We had sunshine for a whole 10 minutes today! Yesterday we got no sunshine until about 3:30, and the snow was 90% melted by 5:30. It was awesome. The birds are truly fighting the cold and chirping away
- It's Wednesday. Half the week done!
- We get cake at work today for a co-worker's birthday. (Actually, this sucks because of high carbs on the cake!)
- I bought some new work shoes (see, Judy? I listen!), this time from safeTstep at 40% off ($19 total), and also some different casual shoes I hope to add to my weekday wear ($16). With any luck, the work shoes will be comfortable and fitting, and I can pick them up on Saturday before PT job
- I worked two days on my PT job, and I'm working 1 day this coming week. Sucks to have no weekends off, but I'm starting to really appreciate the extra money
- Still speaking of PT job, I have been joking about how I want to get fired from PT job because I don't want to quit (been there for almost 10 years!), but haven't given them a reason to fire me or lowered my performance standards. Well, one of my managers half jokingly asked me if I wanted to be a manager. He was also half serious. I would accept, but I don't think it would work with my current FT job. If it could, I would do it. Management experience is nothing to scoff at! And that they'd consider me for it is really cool.
- I've been really good about my diet and eating breakfast. I'm actually hungry by the time my meals come, which is a huge step in the right direction. Normally, I wouldn't be hungry at all and eat just because I should.
- Money owed < money saved. It still feels just awesome to have a positive net worth
- EF is restored! There's peace on my budget once again
- I went grocery shopping yesterday and found spaghetti squash. I cant tell you how excited I am for it. I wont cook it this week, but it'll be hard to put it off past next week. Oh, the possibilities!
- I did manage to cook breakfast, lunch and dinners for the remainder of the week. Took me about 2hrs, but I think it's a good record.
- My co-worker is back. Hurray! She was out Mon-Tue, and it feels. We're a small department (small corporate office overall), so it was felt.

Your turn! Hope you too get a chance to take a few minutes to step away from the chaos and misfortunes life tends to throw at us and appreciate it for the little things.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! :)

    I don't know what your FT job is right now but becoming a manager can definitely be a good experience.

  2. It's good to be hungry. It makes food that much better. Glad you had a good day!

  3. That'll be MY next post :) (Sorry about the carrot cake, I might have had to make an exception for that especially if it had cream cheese icing!!)

  4. I like these posts. I recently finished a 10 day challenge I set for myself. Writing down 1 positive happening from the day prior, increasing by 1 each day until I reached 10.