Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Health routine/goal

I decided Tuesday night was as good as any to re-start my no/low-carb diet. Why this one? Because it's the only one I've ever lost weight on... even without the exercise.

I stumbled upon this lifestyle change about 2 years ago, right after giving up on exercise for 6 months and seeing not 1lb of result. Little toning, but felt my time was being wasted. I did not exercise while on the diet, and saw the weight just melt off in months. It was great. Then stuff happened. And then really bad stuff happened, and I got the weight back. I need to make this a commitment and not just another try.

Anyway. This is what my food storages looked like:
Half a block of cheese and ham (expired--ew)

Half a head of garlic... also expired.

Misc condiments and shredded cheese

Herbs and spices and almonds on the back (which I am pretty sure must be expired)

Canned stuff including 1 soup, lots of diced tomatoes and 2 salad dressings
When I said my pantry was bare, I meant it was bare. Other than the soup, I'd have to get darn creative to get any food out of that! Peas and dressing, anyone?

I went grocery shopping today, mostly for produce. Bought lettuce, romaine, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and peppers. Some hamburger patties for easy meals, tomatoes for salads, eggs and hot dogs. It all came to about $26-$27. I had two hamburger patties with half a bag of frozen vegetables for dinner, made 3 lunch salads (spinach and romaine, boiled egg, diced hamburger meat, tomatoes--yes, I throw everything and the kitchen sink in salads), then called it a day.

I think that my fitness goal is to start working out in the mornings. I was inspired by my "new" brother (the one who just graduated from marines--he's not the same person that went in, that's for sure). Before leaving for bootcamp, he would go to bed at 9, wake up at 4, go to the gym and train. Though I have no intentions of getting up at 4am, I was toying with some schedule or another... maybe waking up at 5, leaving by 5:30, getting to the gym by 6, exercising for an hour, showering, going back to work's parking lot by 7:30 and reading a book until 7:50 before going to work.

Yes, that'd mean a gym membership. And I'm ok with that. I can afford it at present, and it'd work best. I will inquire about any specials they may have. I may just take up running in the mornings again, but this current house is so creaky and loud, especially early in the morning, that I feel mortified to wake others up as I am going down the stairs.

Alright, too much material for this post, so I will cut it here. I'd love to get into such a routine, but there's a lot of other things that must get figured out before that happens... ah, well. Planning never ends!


  1. Good Luck! I love carbs way too much to give them up.

    1. I thought I did too, especially pasta... but it was surprisingly easy to go without. And I have a wicked sweet tooth as well!

  2. I'm curious how you fare with morning workouts. I've yet to muster up the willpower to give it a try. Are you planning to do this every day, M-F? As for your bare pantry and meals.. before shopping, what did you mostly eat that kept your food budget SO low?

    1. Writing a post for your reply. Some others have asked as well!

  3. You know me - I love my stationary bike for winter and regular bike for the other 3 seasons - I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to riding my bike to work and back. Once all of this snow melts!! You have to find what works for you. I prefer "natural exercise" - exercise that comes from doing things like walking/biking to work, painting your house :) I have muscles hurting all over my body from 7 days of painting my house - it's GREAT exercise!