Thursday, March 13, 2014

EF usage and rebuild plans

I've finished looking up and sorting all the expenses for the past... week, so here they are:

$358 Vet bill
$185 Cremation for Star
$351 Tires (4 new ones, installed, balanced)
$116 Car parts (serpentine belts, hub assembly, etc)

Grand total: $1010 and odd change, give or take $10.

Foreseeing this big mountain of charges, I moved all of my EF fund either Friday or Saturday. I did not know I'd have a vet bill... or a cremation one, but I knew about the tires, and I try to minimize money out of my Ally account, so I overestimated what I'd need from my EF, and figured I'd move it back on Sunday or Monday. Glad I sent more than needed, because I did end up using it all.

Why am I not bothered my EF is "gone"? Because I don't consider it gone. Though it is my EF, I could just transfer the $1000 from my $4000 car fund, and that would not be a disaster. I could also "skip" my next two snowball payments, which would set me back 1.5 months on my debt free efforts, but I don't have to make any debt payments until November on my student loans, so no rush.

I still have not decided how to rebuild my EF. Tomorrow is a payday, and it includes a $660 snowball payment. I could forego the snowball and pay myself back instead of funneling it to my student loans. I also get some amount back from my PT job (maybe $160?), which I could throw towards my EF. Don't know.

Is it normal that I don't want to say I miss our pet Star, because saying that would be a confirmation that she's gone? I have to work this weekend (Fri and Sat, yuck), so I'll be crashing at my parents' like usual. I think it'll be hard, though work will keep me busy and tired enough not to be too sad. Sigh.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss...i lost my cat, Poe, a while back and it may sound trivial to my friends, but i miss him alot too.

    1. Yeah, I am guilty of feeling like it's not a big deal, but I can't truly say it doesn't feel like it... they're part of the family.

  2. As long as you don't buy a car right now, I think you kind of have an emergency fund. Could you split snowball payments and put some of it in EF and still pay some towards your debt?

  3. Yes, it's normal - the mind has a funny way of postponing thinking about difficult things like that until we're better equipped to deal with it. Time does help. What I would do regarding the EF is put the snowballs into it until fully funded then go back to snowballing again. Who knows when Murphy could strike again?!