Monday, February 24, 2014

Poverty mentality?

I do believe I have a poverty outlook on things. When it comes to money, even before I took reigns of my own finances and moved away from my parents, I would be looking for sales and spent very little, if at all. My mother handled all of the household money, and that includes that she would buy all of our clothes, snacks, entertainment. We had little say on things and we just went along with it. I think that outside of books, the only things I spent on during college was food, and that was like, such a wondrous experience! At 22, I was excited about having money and being able to buy lunch at the school restaurant (mostly for a $5.95 Chix Caesar wrap with chips). It was me and my brother's quality time, and we felt rich once or twice a week, depending on our class schedules. Yeah. That's sad.

Now that I'm becoming a bit more financially secure, I still find I am very hard headed. I still refuse to spend money on some things (like shoes or clothing), even when I do need them. This has come to bother me, not because I think I should be spending more, but because I am being priced-out of what I need to buy. I have no clothes! Yet every time I go to the store, I am very disappointed on the prices and walk away empty handed, even when I come with the intention of buying clothes and with the money to fund it. I can't bring myself to spend $25 on a shirt I really, really like. My mind is still stuck on years ago where I was expected to buy at least 4-5 clothing items for that amount.

Anyone else disappointed on the store prices? Is it just me that finds the price of goods just too expensive? Or am I poor enough to justify being priced out of options?


  1. I shopped buying retail over 4 years ago. Department stores are like so overpriced. I go to top quality consignment shops (find them in the 'rich' neighborhoods). I buy all my clothes, my hubby's clothes and my children's (and grandchildren) clothes there. Ditto for furniture, small appliances and whatever else I need. I also shop Dollar Stores and Job Lots. I mean, really? You'd have to be a fool today to buy retail.
    You're not poor. You're just rich enough to make better decisions.
    Good luck! Have fun.
    PS: after 30 days, the consignment shop discounts 50%. I always look for the tags that are past the 30 days. Woo hoo!

    1. I 'STOPPED' buying retail over 4 years ago. Sorry for the type. Oops.

  2. You don't have a poverty mentality. If you did, you would have a shiny car parked in front of an old trailer house with a big screen TV inside.

    I would say you have more of a survival mentality. You have to do what you have to just to survive. Your rough upbringing made you the type to rise above everything else. That's how you are beating your debt. That's how you went to college. You save your money because you need it to survive.

    I don't know how but you need to give yourself permission to spend.

  3. I think you have the problem spending the money on YOU. If one of us needed something you would be right there for us. But you have to start somewhere...go on zappos and buy good shoes(danskos or the like) go through ebates so you get some money back also. Then try consignment shops or shops like Marshalls or Ross and pick out a few pieces that you can mix and match and still look like you have few outfits. Remember looking good at work is important..and GOOD SHOES ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

  4. And I forgot to my darling are not your mother. Look how much you have accomplished this year

  5. I don't think you have a poverty mentality at all. Lots of people refuse to pay high retail prices. There are other avenues to use to buy quality clothes for less.

  6. Truthfully, I wish I was more frugal minded like you. I'm far too good at justifying money spent on myself. Granted, I do give myself some slack. I am very, very petite and it's such a challenge to find clothes & shoes that fit well and last a long time (so consignment shops, thrift stroes, etc are out.. I've NEVER found anything there). So I give myself permission to spend extra on items I know I'll wear a long time. Like my work shoes that are due to be replaced. $39 but lasted me almost 4 years. I figure if I'm going to spend money at all, why not spend a little extra on something with a lot of added value (fit, durability, AND yes.. style).

  7. I don't know what to say... I think you value and take care of your money. I do the same (I save, I buy generic, I shop online) but I also like to spend it and don't mind going on a shopping spree to look good LOL I figure if you work, why not enjoy some of that money you make, the income may not be there tomorrow...


  8. I don't shop either so I'm not much help. And if I do need an article of clothing I usually go to a thrift shop where items are still in the $5 range. I'm very CHEAP when it comes to things like that - I even buy shoes and boots 2nd hand. I probably spend the most money on books. I find it hard to say NO to a good book!

  9. I am exactly the same way on shoes and clothes!!! (Although I will spend money on ebay for a Kate Spade purse). Here is a helpful solution for you: Target boys' department. I get most of my shirts there. A boys X-Large (sort of like for a teenager) is equal to a ladies size 10-12. And the shirts don't shrink up! You can get a nice shirt for about $8 or $10.

    But for skirts or dresses.............. I have been hitting consignment stores and Goodwill (with my lovely Kate Spade purse in hand, ha ha).

    Great post!